Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Eternal spring stirs in the San Diego air

One of our favorite sunset views is near the university above La Jolla shores.
     I can't quite detect it yet from this far away, but here in San Diego, I think I smell Montana spring.
     I know it's still snowing there, and that half of the rest of the country is still under white stuff.  Snow is my idea of the ultimate four-letter word.
     Still, take heart, ye of cold country.
     The hummingbirds are making plans to head north -- although perhaps not for another couple of months. They have ordered their Triple A itineraries, tucked their tiny maps under their wings and made their hotel reservations.
     Like the grey whales we've been watching, heading to the Baja to give birth, the hummingbirds will make it to their destination in the northern Rockies.  It's in their DNA.
Mission Bay is always popular with sports lovers.
     Nothing will stop them.
     I like to think the hummingbirds I've been enjoying in our back patio and around San Diego's many parks are the same hummers that will keep me company later in the year when we all return to Montana.
     San Diegans  are lucky. We have parks galore. All kinds of places to view the hummers, savor the sea, soak up the rays and enjoy life -- birds, doggies and mammals.
     Because California is fairly young, the coast line is not as developed and overpopulated as our eastern cousins' coastline.
This intriguing sculpture stands in the yard
of the contemporary museum across from
St. James By the Sea Episcopal Church, La Jolla.
The view from Kate Sessions Park shows the city's skyline.

   The people had the good sense to preserve much of the prime viewing land for parks.  Folks of all cultures, ages and inclinations enjoy the parks, many with sea views.
A pelican soaks up the San Diego sun. 
     In the year I've had the good fortune to call myself a property owner, I've visited a dozen beautiful San Diego parks to take in the morning, picnic and bid adieu to the sun.
     I've kept company with gliders and surfers, sun bathers and swimmers, kayakers and fishermen, grannies, nannies, babies and toddlers, moms, dads, school kids, sports groups, joggers, tourists, locals and lovers.
     There are huge, multi-acre parks, and small parks that serve as school play areas, museum entrances and church gardens.
      All are enjoyed, savored, shared and appreciated.
Mission Bay is glorious in the twilight.
      So today, we offer a photo homage to San Diego and her many parks, with a tip of the hat to those thoughtful people who had the wisdom to preserve them.
Bruce Keller's photos show the gorgeous scenery seen from this lush, varied and temperate land.
    The natives call this winter.  True, the temperatures occasionally dip below 40 degrees, but only early in the morning before the sun rises to warm us.  And only for a few days each year.  By afternoon, we'll be in shorts and shirtsleeves. The hummers will be out.
     For my Montana money, San Diego in February
 is one of a dozen delightful months of spring!
   Next up, a view from the sea from two bays.  Saturday, we sail Mission Bay then dine out
 on San Diego Bay aboard Hornblower Cruises.

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