Saturday, March 30, 2013

Dreams inspire trip, tattoos; roadies set off with a poem

     This week, twin dreams came down to us
     with travel forecasts bold.
     Our vision puts us on the road
     (We're doing what we're told.)

     Midlife crisis?  Call us nuts.
     For sticks and stones don't phase us.
     We're grabbing gusto, bucket listing,
     singing, playing, praise us!
     We've bought twin Harleys, new tattoos
     so on the road we're speeding.
     Cookie's hair is nice and big
     (We don't plan too much reading.)

     By trains, boats, planes we'll navigate
     We'll waken when it pleases.
     We'll order well from room service,
     take Cs to stave off sneezes.

     From San Diego, up the coast,
     Montana, 'round the planet
     we'll feast on mangoes, lambchops, jam
     perhaps a pomegranate.

     Kel's fishing pole and Cookie's sax
     will add to our diversions.
     We're doing all the things we want,
     please spare us vexed aspersions.

     We've said so-long to work-aday
     with all its cares and worry.
     We're going where the sun is bright
     and do not plan to hurry.


     Our Yorkie kids are all packed up.
     With kibbles, toys and sweaters.
     We've tossed their leashes in a bag
     so they, too, have no fetters.

     Our gigs are multiple and fun,
     some big fish in our calling.
     Some bands, some dancing, gambling, too.
     Some wagons off we're falling.


     We'll grab some shows: jazz, classics, blues,
     Predictable?  That's just not us.
     We're kicking up our heels!
     Sexy Marlon Brando
     looked so handsome in his shirts.
     But so does Keller -- check it out --
     And he can sleep in yurts.
     Paris beckons, London woos.
     We've booked two top Ritz Carltons
     In case you're wondering "what the hell?"
     Beware of springtime charlatans.
     So Carpe diem, have some fun.
     Get out there. Shake that bed.
     Come travel armchair or for real.
     For soon we'll all be dead.

    Next blog up: Europe through the eyes of our spirited travelers.
    Next Wednesday, our roadies take us to Portugal, Italy, France and the Canary Islands, with a nod to fountains, harbors and house wine! Then Saturday next, a treasure trove of orchids in La Jolla Shores hotel basement.  Meet the magicians behind the blooms. We post on Wednesdays and Saturdays at:

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  1. I don't know which is more shocking, your tat, your hair, or that you're riding Harleys. Whatever! Fact or fiction, it all sounds like grand fun. Thanks for sharing!