Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Theater's powerful impact stays in the heart and mind

BEAUTIFUL 'BUTTERFLIES' prompts look at what makes great theater

Fabulous acting, subtle direction and a wonderfully rich story make "In the Time of the Butterflies" a class act.


IF YOU'VE seen a play that moved you to tears, a play that you couldn't stop thinking about, you've been "socked in the kisser by art."
The San Diego Repertory Theater is producing a fabulous play, "In the
Time of the Butterflies," a lyrical theatrical experience at the Lyceum. 
That was my grandmother Olive's expression for a play or concert that stayed with her for hours, days, weeks and years.
I've been thinking of that saying since seeing a wonderful play, "In the Time of the Butterflies" Sunday.
The current production of San Diego Repertory Theatre has beauty, poetry and staying power.
LIKE ALL good art -- a painting, symphony, poem or piece of sculpture -- it lures its audience back again and again.
Find out more about this moving production about sisters, loyalty and political turmoil, on the boards at Horton Plaza until Jan. 26. (sdrep.org) Don't miss it.
MORE ABOUT "BUTTERFLIES" and San Diego's fertile theater environment tomorrow. And we'll talk more about the "art, sex and revolution" theme at the Rep. We post every Wednesday and Saturday at: www.whereiscookie.com

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