Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Fall forces writer to take flight and nurse her injured wing


The Absaroka Range is home to many stunning birds, including eagles and hawks.

Several varieties of hummingbirds frolic in Montana, above, San Diego, left.


INJURY to a writer's left arm makes typing tough, so we depart for a few days from our usual commentary, focusing more on photos. Today's piece features Cookie's poem
and a Keller photo essay reflecting his love of birds, from San Diego and southern California to the wilds of south-central Montana.  Cookie's tumble was while filling bird feeders, a fact for which she in no way blames her feathered friends.  Please enjoy.

These happy ducks were photographed in southern California.
This fella is looking for supper at Oceanside Harbor, Calif.

Felled by a sprain on a warm July night,our writer's one handed, a horrible plightfor one driven by nature, and music and words.So our Cookie's decided to share with you birds -- from the photos dear Keller has taken on trips,observing the wonders of flight, nests and flips.(Did we mention that Cookie has singed her hair, too?Now she's burned on the top, with an arm black and blue!)Scorched her mop burning weeds: bad ones that rankle.  An earlier fall meant she sprained her left ankle.

Now these accidents numbering one, two and three, should mean summer's remainder is incident free.Meanwhile, typing's a challenge with only one arm, so we serve up these photos while Cooks avoids harm.  

Songbirds serenade in both our states.  this one chirps, dips and chows down at High Chaparral, Montana.


Bighorn sheep court near Stillwater Mine above Nye, Montana.

COMING SOON:  Now that we've shared a few of our splendid Montana and California birds, we will offer a few critters spotted in or near our yard in Stillwater County.  We try to share our love of nature and our sense of adventure and fun.  Posts are Wednesdays and weekends.  Remember to enjoy, learn and live! Please spread the word about: www.whereiscookie.com

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