Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Let it rain! Fundraiser's deluge puts just the right spin on Stillwater party


Wally McRae and Paul Zarzyski, friends for decades, entertained the audience with their theatrical poetry renditions. 

Franny Abbott of Fishtail Basin Ranch was one of SPA members and 
volunteers helping man the food and drink stations at Montana Jack's.

MAYBE THE RAIN gods were watching, for the waters came pouring from the heavens Saturday.
Water conservation efforts were rewarded with a timely deluge, while cowboy poets strutted their stuff and volunteers poured wine and served appetizers for Stillwater Protective Association's fundraiser.
Montana Jack's hosted the SPA's fundraiser Saturday, and the audience of several hundred was thankful to be dry under a tent. Thoughtfully, party organizers had installed the white cover over the poetry lovers' chairs.
Poetry lovers and SPA members gathered to listen to poetry and trade stories.
Warm and dry at Montana Jack's, SPA members and friends visited and drank.
THE DOWNPOUR came about half way into the lively poetry readings of rancher and raconteur Wally McRae and his sidekick and onetime rodeo star Paul Zarzyski. The two had so much fun it was contagious.
Stillwater Protective Association, SPA, is dedicated to keeping its hand in many matters concerning land use and conservation.
Preventing the devastating effects of oil and gas development is a major pursuit of the grassroots organization, whose members include ranchers, businessmen and a good showing of seasonal homeowners and part-timers.
SPA does regular reviews of water quality to maintain the health of the Stillwater River watershed, and also monitors many other aspects of rural life.
OTHER PURSUITS include limiting the footprint of Beartooth Mine on the Beartooth Plateau and providing for the clean-up of mine waste and other industrial hazards. Through a unique "Good Neighbor Agreement," SPA, along with the Northern Plains Resource Council, Cottonwood Resource Council, and Stillwater Mining Company maintain the world's only legally binding agreement between citizen groups and a hard-rock mining company.
Charles Sangmeister thanked a legion of faithful volunteers,
tipping his cowboy hat to their efforts and dedication.
SPA supporters, greeted people as they strolled from the parking lot -- "pre-rain" -- Although a final tally of profits was not available for this story's deadline, the event was deemed "a tidy success" by the Sangmeisters.
Beauty in all seasons is the reason we all love Stillwater County.
 THEY THANKED those who brought forth a wealth of contributions for both a silent and live auction. Paintings, goods and services ranged from landscape oils of the region by noted painters -- all of whom donated their art to the cause -- to raft trips, piano music and get-aways.
ABLE AUCTIONEER Brian Young of Dean, raised the rafters and some serious money for SPA endeavors.  He inherited his expertise and fast-talking patter from his dad, Rick Young, veteran auctioneer who also supported many community endeavors.  A new generation of auctioneers appears to be in the making as Brian's youngsters helped him on the stage!

Brian Young, son of a veteran auctioneer, got the bidding
going and art lovers took home bargains Saturday. 
If you love the west, live here full or part time, and appreciate the precarious beauty we all enjoy, join Stillwater Protective Association.  You'll immediately become a member of the Northern Plains Resource Council, nationally known for its good work in promoting progressive energy use and protecting interests of farmers and ranchers.
Send your check for a reasonable $50, to SPA, PO Box 106, Absarokee, MT 59001.

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