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Rip roaring Cody, Wyoming, where Buffalo Bill lives on in spirit

Cody's historic main street is showy.

Old west charm, world class museum, bar hopping, great food, fun hotels and treats of the natural world await


CODY IS the type of town that makes you believe in time travel.
Except for the cars, cell phones and contemporary clothing in the store windows, you could be visiting this authentic western town a century ago.
Cody's proximity to rivers, and changing autumn colors makes it appealing.
The Irma's
famous bar.
Stop in for a drink at the Irma Hotel, and admire the bar as you sip.  It's among Cody's treasures, an ornate and beautifully preserved
Buffalo Bill named Cody after himself, the Irma after his daughter.

The Irma Hotel, above and left,
is well known for its ambiance..
  gift from England's Queen Victoria.  It was a hefty acknowledgment of her appreciation for Buffalo Bill Cody, who brought his Wild West show across the Atlantic.
Buffalo Bill's legacy remains in Cody, Wyoming, east gateway to Yellowstone National Park, as do the natural wonders and wildlife that make a visit to Cody, Wyoming so exciting.
Cody's residential area above town
sports lovely yards and native flora.

THE BUFFALO BILL Historical Center, whose name changed to the Buffalo Bill Center of the West, is a stunning complex of five museums and a research library featuring art and artifacts of the American West.  It's Cody's pride and joy and visitors come from around the world to enjoy an unparalleled collection of western art, guns, Plains Indian lifestyle and much more.
The Buffalo Bill Historical Center has had a recent name change,
and is still attracting people from all over the world.
THE FIVE excellent museums are the namesake Buffalo Bill Museum, dedicated to his life and legendary touring western show; Whitney Gallery of Western Art, including world class artwork portraying both the beauty and myths of the West; Plains Indian Museum, with its insights into Native American culture; Cody Firearms Museum, with thousands of guns and weapons, and the Draper Museum of Natural History with hands on natural world exhibits to help us understand our environment and Yellowstone's own particular ecosystem.

The Sunlight Basin and its wonderful views and vistas
attracts many people who are visiting nearby Cody, Wyo.
If you're in the vicinity of Cody, Powell or Meeteetse, you'll also enjoy abundant outdoor recreation opportunities -- hunting, fishing, golf, river rafting, rock and ice climbing, hiking, mountain biking and camping.
WHAT MOST of us native westerners like about Cody is its easy going charm. People still greet one another on the street.  Yet despite its casual and laid back feeling, upscale galleries sell world class art. Eateries and nightspots offer a wowing array  -- from simple fare to more elaborate meals.
Walk down main street -- you'll find barbecue, fried chicken, salads, wraps, Asian and even vegetarian fare. Cody has changed since my first visits as a kid in the late 1950s!
THE CODY Trolley takes you around town to the most interesting spots, including the museum.  A tour guide dresses as sharpshooter Annie Oakley.
We're heading to Sunlight Basin and the Chief Joseph Scenic Highway next.
There's music and a regular cowboy revue, fishing pointers and guided tours of the rivers -- check out North Fork Anglers. Most of all, nature abounds, as close-up and friendly as Cody herself!

COMING UP: If  you've enjoyed Cody's pleasures, you'll enjoy the beauty of the nearby Sunlight Basin and historic Chief Joseph Highway. These are a road tripper's dreams -- wild heights, sublime scenery and gorgeous places to picnic or unwind and take in the clouds. Check us out Wednesdays and weekends, when we strive to imbue travel with a sense of fun and adventure.  Remember to explore, learn and live at:

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