Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Gaudy, glorious 'Gaudi' Barcelona makes you want to sing Sondheim

Barcelona's La Sagrada Familia is Barcelona's most spectacular architectural feat.
All eyes are on the Cathedral, as a tour guide describes its showy wonders,
including pineapple and saints, to Cookie and her group of explorers.

LIVELY CATALAN CAPITAL HAS IT ALL:  Food, fun walking, friendly folk, history, fab hotels, fine food, delightful drink

"Where you going?' Barcelona. Oh, don't get up.
 Do you have to?  Yes I have to. 
Oh.  Don't get up."

Gaudi's house, Casa Batllo, in Barcelona, is a fairyland
of mosaic, color, gingerbread enticement and fun. 
THOSE ARE LYRICS from a Stephen Sondheim song, sung by soon-to-part lovers, Bobby and April, who have spent a lovely night together.  She's a flight attendant, off to Barcelona. He doesn't want her to leave.
And that's how you'll feel when your time in Barcelona is drawing to a close.
But before this good thing comes to an end, enjoy this gaudy, "Gaudi," gregarious city to its fullest.
A beautiful, small box with inlay,
 is for sale for a bargain 20 Euros.

Wine and water, two staples, vie
 for consideration in a Barcelona cafe.
Barcelona, that glorious vibrant Catalan capital, is the jewel in Spain's "fun city" crown.  Sure Madrid is exciting, too, and stately with its wide promenades and friendly people.
A seafood and asparagus crepe
awaits a taste in a tapas bar.
Seville has art and history, too, and Granada has the Alhambra. The small coastal towns are brimming with wonders and the north has its famous pilgrimage trail, Santiago de Compostela.
Our travelers never miss an opportunity to shop in a local
market, here one near their hotel in Barcelona.
Artwork abounds in a variety of museums.
BUT LOVELY Barcelona has everything -- art, architecture, abundant walking options, history, fabulous hotels and, museums aplenty, including one devoted to Pablo Picasso, who lived and painted in this zesty Catalan capital for many years..
Las Ramblas goes from the old part
of town to the Mediterranean.
You'll want to visit his home, now a popular museum, where you can wander around his  patios and personal space, enjoying his sense of playfulness and artistic eye for the weird.  After you visit Casa
Mila, head for other Gaudi delights including Sagrada Familia Cathedral and don't miss Casa Batllo and Palau Guel, each distinctive and reflective of Gaudi's evolution before his untimely death by streetcar in his beloved native city.
THE MEDIEVAL heart of the Old City, the Barri Gòtic is an intriguing spider’s web of alleyways and secluded squares.  It is a fine way to get the feel of the city, and you'll want to wander Las Ramblas, the main thoroughfare, for its mimes, shops, eateries and occasional pick-pockets. Hold your purse close or leave it in the hotel, and guys, put your wallets in your front pocket. Barcelona also sports grand architecture, including the Plaça Sant Jaume flanked by the Renaissance palace of the Generalitat (head of Catalan government) and the gorgeous neo-classical façade of the Ajuntament, Spanish city hall.
Castle, Montana, was once a booming mining town and residents
didn't build with the thought of leaving.  Today, it's falling to ruin.

COMING UP:  Ever been to a ghost town? With the spooks and goblins out for Halloween, here comes a look at Castle, Montana, an abandoned, once stately village built for a mining boom that never happened. And we've found a fabulous musician, entertaining weekends in an Encinitas cafe. Remember to explore, learn and live, and visit us Wednesdays and weekends for a fresh look at travel, the arts and life's adventures, at: www.whereiscookie.com

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