Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Take to the Las Vegas sky on the High Roller wheel

Enormous spokes of the High Roller in Las Vegas make it the world's largest wheel.


(in the privacy of your own little container, so eat, drink and be merry -- it's a half-hour heavenly high)

Giant columns support the High Roller, as tourists walk beneath to admire.


WE WERE SOARING -- up, up and away high over Las Vegas.
We were aboard the High Roller and loving every minute.  In a city that's already way over the top, the High Roller kicks the concept of entertainment up one more notch.
WE SAW beyond the glitter and lights to the landscape Bugsy Seigel saw when he built the first motel on what is now the famous Las Vegas Strip. Cactus, trees and the hills that beckoned Bugsy are still there, albeit a bit farther from the center of the action.
Cookie toasts the day from her pod.
The High Roller is gorgeous at night.
Workers load up the bar car for a party inside the pod.
Back in Bugsy's day, in the 1930s, the showy gambler, entrepreneur, visionary -- and possible gangster -- saw promise in the cactus, scrub brush and desert sand.
Tourists enjoy taking selfies at the top of the city aboard the
High Roller.  A recorded count-down announces the high point.
The spectacular High Roller delivers the razzle dazzle he imagined, giving viewers an opportunity to enjoy the Las Vegas skyline from 500-plus feet.  The bonus is being able to see beyond the tinsel, flash and glitter that draws us all to Vegas.
Located just off the Linq with its extraordinary complex of shops, restaurants and fun open arcade, the High Roller opened only a year ago.  It's celebrating its first anniversary with style, attracting many return visitors from near and far (including the two of us!)
WE'RE VETERAN Vegas visitors, always looking for something new.  We've photographed the Roller at night -- admiring its glitter -- and hope to board a nighttime pod soon. This daytime trip introduced us to Las Vegas residents and tourists, friends for the half-hour spin on the High Roller.
Families like to book it during the day.
 Elton John, new plays and theater Down Under
 Revelers and gamblers book it for sunset or evening. Newlyweds book it for a romantic but quick wedding or a fun reception. Our pod had only two other couples -- as many as 12 or 15 can be easily accommodated. Night time riders have fuller pods.
THERE ARE two cars for serious drinkers -- your own bartender and full bar service are available and the ticket is a bit more expensive (expect to pay $25 to $35 a person, but look for promotions and discount coupons.)  It's only a half-hour ride and we found our little cocktail purchased before
Cookie and Keller: top of the world
Las Vegas style, in their pod aboard
the beautifully built High Roller.
boarding at the "Wheelhouse" was sufficient for the quick spin.
The London Eye is a wee bit smaller
than the High Roller in Las Vegas. 
A RECORDED commentary accompanies the ride and as we listened to tidbits about the founding of the city, we walked back and forth from the right to left sides of our cubicle. That way, we saw most of the valley and all of the down town.
Our view of the wheel from the nearby Flamingo Hotel.
 High Roller is 550 feet tall with a 520-foot diameter, making the giant Ferris wheel hard to miss on the famed Las Vegas Strip.
THE BIG WHEEL began construction in 2011 and opened to customers in March 2014 as the world's tallest observation wheel, a few feet taller than the London Eye, which also offers bird's eye views. It's background, though, is Westminster Abbey and the Parliament Buildings.

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Elton John, new plays and theater Down Under

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  1. Fun, fun, fun. We love the High Roller and have taken it by day and night. Appreciate the encouragement. Continue the revels.