Friday, June 26, 2015

Buffalo Bill's Cody is a showy town; tiny Fishtail has a good time, too

Amusements abound at the Buffalo Bill Cody Center of the West -- and Cody town herself; then there's Fishtail, Montana

Step right up to a feast of fantastic art as Cookie is doing at the Buffalo Bill Center's Whitney.



CODY, WYOMING brings out the fun in a person.
So does Fishtail, Montana.
Fishtail facts:
Did you know that a town only one block long can produce a parade that stretches two miles?
Check it out Saturday, June 27, at Fishtail Family Fun Day. Fishtail General Store is at the hub of the action.
A shoot-out in Cody, Wyo., takes
 place each evening by the Irma..
At the heart of the Saturday Fishtail Family Fun
Day is the historic Fishtail Store.
Since its opening in 1900, Fishtail General Store has been operating in the same location in Fishtail, Montana. BILL AND Katy Martin became enraptured with the store in 2000 and bought it. They've imbued the warm and welcoming institution with the feel of an old-time antique
If you're anywhere around Fishtail, check out the all-day fun time June 27, for food, festivities, bakery, contests, games and the fun spirit that put Fishtail on the map. Give a pat to the pot belly stove, admire the original oak cases and old-time meat counter with great rib-eye steaks.
Horses will be part of the fun in Fishtail this Saturday, June 27.
store-grocery-wine shop and gift shop which stocks an abundance of western memorabilia from candles to homemade jam, and this reporter's new paperback novel, "Lilian's Last Dance."
CODY BOASTS a different kind of treasure -- both art and antiques.  And many surprises.  Did you know that one of the paintings in the gorgeous Whitney Museum features "roving eyes"?  The eyes of the doe in the painting will follow you as you walk about 10 feet in front of it. There are historic, eye-popping Bierstadt paintings -- used to lure settlers West -- but there are playful modern art paintings, too.
Keller takes a bow next to Buffalo
 Bill Cody in Cody, Wyoming.
WHAT WE love about the Northern Rockies, especially in summer, is the variety of beautiful scenery, historic attractions, fun restaurants and enticing places to stay.

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  1. Cleveland ExplorersJune 30, 2015 at 12:20 PM

    We haven't missed a stop at the Cody museum in 25 years of traveling the West. Now, we have a delightful "detour" on our map. Had a great time in Fishtail.....perhaps you can tell us how it got its name some time. Fun piece.