Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Artful shop in small Montana town integrates talent, locally created art, pleasing displays

Juliana Stevens has an eye for color and an affection for Montana artists who make colorful, natural art and crafts.
Juliana's Jammin' Art and Rock Shop pays homage to the artist's love of stones.

SHE WAS a social worker in an earlier life, helping troubled souls find their way through hard times.
Now, she cheers people with art. And art is therapy for the artist.
The healing nature of art is another path up the mountain toward mental health for Juliana Stevens, of Columbus, Montana.
Her artful venture, Juliana's Jammin' Art and Rock Shop, is a bright spot in the small Stillwater County town -- bright, both literally and figuratively. ("When I'm not jammin', I'm rockin' " says Stevens, alluding to the shop's homemade jams and rock gems.)

Juliana Stevens makes beautiful jewelry from stones she carves and works. 
 ATTRACTIVE displays merge books and candles, gourmet coffee and note cards, belt buckles and jams, soaps, oils and scarves.
Stevens makes rosaries and necklaces from a table in the rear of the rock and art shop.
And she'll custom design or adapt anything you see in the store -- from belt buckles, to pendants, to specialty food items.
THE RECENT loss of a beloved younger sister has accentuated Stevens' spiritual side.
Belt buckles are beautifully mounted and show
 off the love of stone in "Juliana's Jammin'...''
 "I find art very healing," says Stevens. "It connects us in many ways." The store also supplies holy cards, medals, and other devotional items. "I think it is important for people to continue to connect with departed loved ones, people who influenced them.  My sister and I made jewelry together and shared a passion for bead work, so when I'm doing that art, I'm thinking of her.'
Married and devoted to her daughter, Stevens takes time off to be with her family, so check Facebook for shop hours and times.  Usually she's open four or five days a week.
 She is proud of the lively and regular open houses and artists' receptions the shop hosts.  Stevens welcomes strangers and locals, tourists and regulars, and her receptions feature wine and goodies, and sometimes ice cream -- Rocky Road is a favorite tie-in with the rock work.
WE WERE struck by the reasonable prices. Coffees, pottery, paintings, homemade goodies, soaps and more are all affordable.
A sampling of her artists includes Joanne May of Bunkhouse Pottery of Reed Point.  She specializes in handmade, custom pottery with richly hued earth-toned glazes.
Carol Hartman's cattle marker art reflects her .
love of the landscape of Eastern Montana
 One of Juliana's signature creations is a "blubarb jam" now packaged and stocked in her store by another of the locally connected artisans.
Stevens and her colleagues have a sense of humor, evidenced in the playful names and nature of the displays.
Soaps and candle scents by Shannon of Country Bumpkin Candles of Bridger have fun names -- Lime in Da' Coconut, Amazenly Grace, My Montana Cabin, Caprio Olivio and Biker Babe.
TERI UDEY'S AunTee's Herbal Touch potions are made in her Montana home based business, a family-operated affair, which Stevens favors. AunTee's products are natural and chemical-free.
Christine Bakke's eye-catching photography is inspired by the pristine beauty of the Rockies.
The silk scarves and wall hangings of Sandy Alley (Sandy's Silks) reflect her love of the flowing technique of hand painting -- done in her Absarokee studio.
The lobby of Rock Creek Resort welcomes guests from around the world.
The nearby Old Piney Dell Restaurant and the lodge are Austrian founded. 
The familiar "Made in Montana" stamp is on view throughout the colorful store. Each nook showcases the variety and creativity that make Stillwater Valley and Montana vital.

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  1. We have been fans of Piney Dell for decades.
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