Friday, December 4, 2015

Hornblower happiness: Fantastic feasting, celebrating on the water

Iconic Manhattan
sights unfold during a
leisurely dinner cruise.





A Hornblower cruise on the Hudson puts the cruiser in a lovely New York state of mine. Hornblower also
transits other beautiful cities, with elegant cruises for celebrating or just enjoying -- many geared to holiday revels.

 Cookie and Keller toast Lady Liberty aboard
a recent Hornblower Manhattan dinner cruise.
Each "Hornblower port" has tailor-made options.

Celebrants from all over the world enjoy cruising on 
Hornblower's handsome vessels.  Here, a couple awaits their meal, 
while sending texts and selfies to friends in Japan. 
IF YOU love celebrations, and make yours unique, you won't go wrong with an outing on Hornblower Cruises. We recently celebrated a birthday as the champagne flowed. We strolled the deck, glasses in hand, as we pulled away from New York's pier, surrounded by skyscrapers and the sights that make Manhattan famous.
Hornblower's brunch cruises offer Manhattan by day.....
If you're near a Hornblower port, you're in luck. San Francisco, San Diego, Sacramento, Berkeley, New York, Marina del Rey, Newport Beach and Long Beach area water lovers have enjoyed Hornblower's delights for nearly four decades. Holidays aboard Hornblower are truly special.
....while evening dinner cruises offer spectacular night sights of Manhattan.
Here, the new World Trade Center's Tower One is a focal point.
YOU FEEL you're in heaven -- in a luxurious vessel transiting the waters of America's most scenic and beloved cities.  While our recent Hornblower birthday party was in New York, we've enjoyed Hornblower in other American cities, always delighting in the experience.
This time, we were in a New York state of mind. We couldn't have picked a more appropriate setting to dine in elegance, sip, dance, and make new friends from Europe, Asia and South America. All agreed -- we were reveling in first-class style.
WE LOVE Hornblower because we're always treated with care and fine service.  We begin with a glass of bubbly, then stroll the deck and the plush dining area. Hornblower happily blends dining and sight seeing.  We chose our latest journey from many offerings --  finally deciding on "Starlight Dinner." Hornblower also designs office parties, "Sights & Sips," and various cocktail and skyline brunches, depending on your city. The operation is proud of its beautifully kept, state-of-the-art luxury yachts, each with its own features and fresh cuisine headlining quality produce, seafood and meats of each city.
Hornblower's fare is always a delight, here a holiday brunch.
HORNBLOWER HAS never failed us --  in cruises in San Diego, New York, Long Beach and Old Sacramento.  The recent leisurely New York dinner cruise was a bittersweet return to a favorite city, since we'd spent many pleasant evenings in the beautiful Windows on the World atop the doomed World Trade Center.  Through tears, we admired the beautiful new Tower One as Hornblower navigated the rivers.  We also love San Diego's and San Francisco's Hornblowers,  which like their East-Coast sisters, hit the high spots: in San Francisco, views of the Bay Bridge, Golden Gate, and the city's remarkable skyline.  In San Diego, it's a thrill to pass under the Coronado Bridge and enjoy holiday lights and marina. Usually we dance to a delightful duo or soloist playing everything from swing to jazz and Latin. The food, particularly the appetizers is always top drawer.
Gilding the lily: the Empire State Building in the fore-
ground, and the Chrysler Building behind her, at right.
IF YOU WANT an excuse to enjoy value and a place to celebrate being alive and on the sea, Hornblower's your ticket.  As longtime devotees, we've cruised the Hornblower fleet all year round, morning and evening, for Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, and anniversaries. Hornblower covers the culinary territory with style, from robust coffee to fine champagne, topped with decadent desserts and visual delights. In our part-time San Diego home add sea lions, whales and dolphins to Hornblower's signature sunshine, moonlight and romance.
We plan to honor an annual tradition aboard Hornblower for a holiday treat. The festive dinner cruises blend gourmet meals and stunning views.
IF YOU'RE LUCKY enough to bite the Big Apple this holiday, you can't beat New York's Hornblower for splendid food, fine wines and stunning views.Whichever city, you can be black tie or casual -- whatever your mood or dress, and your Hornblower holiday will be first rate.                     If I could,  I'd beam myself to a different Hornblower port once a week for baked spinach and artichoke appetizer, shrimp and crab, tenderloin and a stellar sea view of each city's landmarks. But I'd have to up my dress size!
There's no gambling in Catalina's beautiful Casino,
but there are many enticements in a visit.  
EACH HORNBLOWER city offers unique holiday sailings.  Treat yourself, a loved one or a colleague. Go to  

COMING UP: Remember the Four Preps' song, "26 Miles Across the Sea....."?  Well, Santa Catalina was awaitin' for us, and we answered the call.    Take a trip to this beautiful island with whereiscookie, enjoying a step back in time just an hour away from the southern California coastline.  We took a tasting/history tour, ventured out in a kayak and visited the Casino, built by the Wrigley fortune, which is at the center of the island's cultural life. Within it are treasures, including a beautiful four-keyboard organ and we enjoyed a concert. Remember to explore, learn and live and check us out weekends for travel tips and global adventures with a sense of fun. And soon, we'll take a pictorial tour of holidays we've enjoyed around the world -- Israel to Fiji -- to get you in the spirit of the season


  1. We are looking for something fun to do with our Long Beach friends when they visit us next weekend. This is a perfect suggestion and one which we'll take!

  2. We are Hornblower junkies, too. Have tried them all through the years, and doing Marina del Rey champagne brunch over the holidays....relaxing, delicious, beautiful. What more is there?

  3. Hornblower State of MindDecember 4, 2015 at 4:06 PM

    Have seen the Hornblower ships in San Francisco and San Diego. Did not realize they operate in New York, which is good news. Planning an outing there now.

  4. We have enjoyed sailing for years but have never ventured on Hornblower. So this was an enticement. Liked the feel of the boats from your perspective, which sounds adventuresome but grounded.

  5. "Hornblower for the Holidays" -- great suggestion. I love it! Fabulous food, fine views and NO COOKING, only wine and merriment.

  6. Our office party was on Hornblower and we enjoyed it so much, we booked it for an anniversary. Lucky to be near the water -- and Hornblower.