Friday, March 18, 2016

Dolphins, dining and dogs -- Hornblower offers it all

Thrilled guests watched a pair of whales blow -- thanks to Hornblower staff who make announcements on sightings,
explaining various whale behaviors as they unfold.  Part of Hornblower's mission is education.




Naturalists and Hornblower staff are
always on hand to answer questions.
HORNBLOWER enhances just about every pleasure the sea serves up: whale watching, dolphin gazing, fine seafood served with a romantic twist, commentary on world known cities and their skylines and -- coming soon -- Pet Day on the Bay.
Internationally known Hornblower Cruises has been entertaining folks on the water since 1980 when Hornblower CEO and founder Terry MacRae purchased a small charter yacht business with amusement in mind.
WE'VE BEEN blowing the horn for Hornblower since then, joining others in California and beyond, to enjoy whale and dolphin watching, fine dining and skyline viewing.
Hornblower fans enjoy an afternoon of whale watching on
San Diego Bay.  Many whales and dolphins were viewed.
There's nothing like a few quality hours on the water. Hornblower has remained true to its mission: delivering premier, top-drawer dining, entertainment and nature cruise experiences. Thousands have booked Hornblower for vacations, weddings, corporate and educational outings, holiday parties and private charters.
We've experienced Hornblower's delights with school kids, families and businessmen.  We've witnessed
Hornblower's Pet Day on the Bay is April 30.
Bring your pup and have a good time for a cause.
teachers as excited as their students at glorious breaching whales.  We've cheered for several wedding proposals -- complete with rings and champagne toasts. And we've made new friends from New York, Australia, Europe and right here in our part-time southern California home.
Cookie, Nick and Nora practice
for the upcoming Pet Day on the Bay.
Hornblower is a tradition for us on anniversaries and for family reunions, and at least twice each year during the whale migrations.
NOW RIDING the waves in its 36th year, Hornblower Cruises & Events is celebrating its own anniversary. As always, environmental protection and preservation is a priority for civic-minded Hornblower.
We enjoyed San Francisco's famous skyline on a recent Hornblower outing.

As Hornblower pulls away from the Pier in San Diego,
guests enjoy a view of the city and get close-up with other vessels.
On a recent whale watching outing, Hornblower's naturalists explained the company's sustainable living goals and answered questions about the marine life guests were enjoying.
We saw five whales at one point -- a wondrous sight -- and the giants of the sea are still moving up and down the coast off San Diego.
HORNBLOWER introduced a pioneering environmental management and education program, Respect Our Planet, in 2005. The initiative shapes sustainability measures, encouraging use of eco-friendly, "green" materials in new yachts. It also improves fuel efficiency, incorporating wind, solar and hybrid technology into vessels.  
BESIDES OUR tradition of whale watching and dining with Hornblower, we're excited to be part of the annual Hornblower Pet Day on the Bay coming up Saturday, April 30. It's a fantastic idea:  you bring your dog, learn about sea life, sharpen your knowledge of San Diego's historic buildings and ships, and enjoy snacks, beverages, guest appearances and the company of other sea-and-dog loving people. Part of the proceeds fund city animal shelters. Three outings await, at 9 a.m., 10:45 a.m. and 12:30 p.m. on April 30.
Today, Hornblower cruises from seven California port cities and New York. It operates two National Park Service concessions with Alcatraz Cruises and Statue Cruises and last year began a venture with Canada,  Niagara Cruises.
How to book Hornblower events

Ron Campbell plays the title character in "R. Buckminster Fuller:  The History
(and Mystery) of the Universe" in as spectacular performance at San Diego Rep.
UP NEXT: San Diego Repertory Theatre's latest production is one of the best we've seen -- not just in our lively part-time home, but anywhere -- including New York, and London's West End. "R. Buckminster Fuller: The History (and Mystery) of the Universe," performed by Ron Campbell, is a remarkable production about a remarkable man. It runs through April 3, and fans of fine theater won't want to miss it.
How to book a fabulous play
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  1. I alway enjoy your travel blog!

  2. The photo of the whales blowing blew me out of the water.
    Great stuff.

  3. Encinitas Fun SeekersMarch 25, 2016 at 3:03 PM

    We are Hornblower regulars and just booked the Easter brunch aboard. Thanks for the great idea. We are treating our friends from the frozen north of Minnesota!