Friday, July 15, 2016

Flagship dinner cruise unfurls an evening for the memory book

Christene "Cookie" Meyers and Bruce Keller take to San Diego Bay and a Flagship dinner cruise, with spectacular views.

TAKE YOUR PICK OF FLAGSHIP'S FUN, FESTIVE OUTINGS -- from whale watching to elegant dining

Time to enjoy aquatic life, with 
a look over the ship's side.

IMAGINE YOURSELF at sea with a glass of champagne, a lovely meal, gorgeous scenery and the one you love.
After a stroll on deck and a leisurely meal, he asks you to dance.
It's your favorite Cole Porter tune.
What could be better?
Flagship Cruises has been at the entertainment business since 1915,
San Diego's USS Nimitz Aircraft Carrier Museum, as viewed from Flagship. 
plying the waters of San Diego Bay and sharing the wonders of the beautiful southern California harbor and coastline. 
The Spirit of San Diego resembles a yacht or cruise ship, with daytime
nature watches and weekend champagne brunches, and evening dinner cruises.
WE RECENTLY enjoyed a Flagship dinner cruise -- a nicely presented and tasty meal, with fabulous scenery to complement our gastronomic indulgence. We'd boarded with a celebrating family, honoring a daughter who'd just earned her doctorate.  Together, we watched the harbor fade from view as Flagship's Spirit of San Diego traversed the big bay, winding under the Coronado Bridge and into Glorietta Bay Marina with a spectacular view of the famous Hotel Del Coronado.
As a bonus this summer, and into September, fans of fine dining and gorgeous views from the water may also enjoy fireworks over the bay. Flagship is offering dinner and dancing during the leisurely three-hour excursion, ending with fireworks over the bay.
CALL IT GILDING the lily -- the allure of San Diego's famous waterfront, kicked up a notch with fireworks. Dates are July 29-30, and Aug. 5, 6, 12, 13, 19, 20, 26 and 27. The fireworks-dinner combo continues through Sept. 3.
A celebrating family poses for the photographer, celebrating a graduation. 
WE THOUGHT of our a recent cruise ship adventure as we boarded the elegant double-decker Spirit.  We strolled the 2,700-square foot observation deck as we pulled out of the harbor, enjoying a glass of bubbly, wishing it were a week long venture, not just an evening! That night, the Flagship clientele ranged from couples enjoying a date night, to three-generations celebrating a doctoral degree, to newlyweds, a bar mitzvah party and retirement fete.
All were enjoying the impressive San Diego skyline from the lush outer decks and cozy cherry wood inner rooms.  Cocktails were
We left our pretty table for a stroll on deck.
available at several stations and a DJ circulated, schmoozing with guests and taking musical requests for dancing.
FLAGSHIP'S impressive nine-vessel fleet includes a new yacht, the California Spirit, the Princess, for fairytale weddings, the Marietta for whale watching, the Quiet Heart, and a pair of ferries. Glorietta, a small water taxi, is also under Flagship's purview. If you're feeling like treating 52 of your favorite people, the Spirit's VIP Captain’s Salon awaits, complete with tinted windows for privacy. It seats 52 guests and offers spectacular bay views.

UP NEXT:  It's a doggone good dog's life, when you're a canine traveling with Cookie and Keller.
Nick and Nora, the couple's Yorkshire terriers,   have logged over 60,000 airline miles (no frequent flier credit, darn!) and are always a part of the couple's road trips. Tips on making travel with pups easier for you -- and your four-footed pals. Remember to explore, learn and live. 
Keller takes a trip to Avalon, Catalina Islands, with Nora having a wee siesta while
Cookie and Nick take photos! Tips on making pet travel both fun and relaxing.


  1. Haven't tried Flagship, but have many times enjoyed Hornblower, its competitor! Will definitely try this for our next "occasion" as it sounds delightful, and love the family-owned history and the close-up of Coronado.

  2. Enjoyed this .... We are veteran cruisers and Flagship fans for the pretty, classic interiors of the dinner boats and the adventure on the whale watching vessel. Look forward to more tips on San Diego travels.

  3. Enjoyed this .... We are veteran cruisers and Flagship fans for the pretty, classic interiors of the dinner boats and the adventure on the whale watching vessel. Look forward to more tips on San Diego travels.

  4. Beautiful ship. I've seen one looking like this. But the most impressive was this one I was escited to see it for the first time.

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