Friday, August 26, 2016

Stillwater summer: bittersweet time as the hollyhocks fade, birds flee

End of summer blue -- not blues -- as we embrace the autumn, and cherished friends and family around the globe. 
Fishing time was minimal this year on the West Fork, but catch-and-release
was popular with our friends who came from several states to enjoy.



AS AUGUST runs its sunny course, with Labor Day around the corner, we say au revoir to one venue, and bonjour to another.

Cookie is in her element -- saying so long to the Stillwater and hello 
to southern California, with beauty in both venues.

Whether we are relishing bird life and flowers along our favorite Stillwater River in Montana, or savoring the salty sea vapors at our southern California digs, we appreciate nature's gifts and our ability to enjoy them.
Our hearts are always heavy to leave one venue -- we cherish both our little corners of paradise, embracing
the future with eagerness and energy.
Sculptures -- some musically inspired -- are by world class artists. 
Tippet Rise brought international performers and audience to the
 unique art center near Fishtail, Montana.
NONE OF US knows what's around the corner -- or how long we have on this treasured Earth.  Thus we must continue to try, if we have any sense at all, to roll with the punches, be thankful, relish each day.
We're thankful to be surrounded by the wit, wisdom, music, good wishes.  We've had a wonderful summer -- albeit brief. The opening of Tippet Rise Art Center near us brought national attention to our little corner of Stillwater County, and provided great material for magazine features.
Keller had engaging work, using his architectural, engineering and construction skills to help friends and
Cookie's "60-something" is her new 50. Here's Keller's lemon birthday pie.
neighbors with projects in the valley.  Cookie gave five more readings on "Lilian's Last Dance," and we are plugging ahead on the musical.
 'Lilian's Last Dance' readings continue
We had wonderful gatherings and dinners with friends and family.  We read, walked, rode our bikes, harvested our first apples on the Honeycrisp and Harelson apple trees.
We hosted raccoons, squirrels, bears, deer and even an elk in the yard. And a record number of birds of many colors.
A beautiful fox gave birth near the artesian well, and raised her kits on the property. Such a gift.
High Chaparral is a beloved family gathering spot, with
 a wealth of bird life, dozens of mature trees,
 hiking trails and a chance to recharge in nature.

WITH LABOR Day just days away, the nights are getting shorter, temperatures dropping, and hummingbirds heading south.
We recall this wise quote from Dr. Seuss (who lived not far from our winter digs, in La Jolla, Calif.)
Theodor Seuss Geisel honored summer's end with this thought:
Keller and Cookie: 
the adventure continues. 
'DON'T CRY because it's over, smile because it happened."
And when you make your next birthday cake, or pie, don't worry about the number of candles.
Just open the candle drawer, put a couple on, call it a day and blow!


In the shadow of Montana's Beartooth Mountains in the Northern Rockies, a small, inviting restaurant beckons. Piney Dell holds dear childhood memories for Cookie, and she and Keller visit Red Lodge  to see if its wonders have been sustained. They sample the fare, tour the grounds of Rock Creek Resort and wonders and determine that Old Piney Dell still holds up! Remember to explore, learn and live and catch us with a new post each weekend


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