Friday, June 16, 2017

June delights: theater treats, returning health, bird visits, travel plans

The view from our hotel balcony in Fiji last year -- knowing we will return is helping the recovery from transplantation.

While Cookie and Keller never miss a chance for a live theatrical production,
the theater of the sky -- here in form of a dozen pelicans -- is engaging fare, too

and courtesy theater marketing departments
Yale Strom is a perennial
favorite at the Lipinsky
Jewish Arts Festival
on tap through July 9.

Fine acting, spirited singing, skilled directing await at North-
Coast Rep's production of "The Spitfire Grill," through July 2.
AS WE PASS one month since Keller's liver transplant, we're experiencing theater in several senses of the word -- at Scripps Clinic, the oral surgeon, in nature and on the boards.
We've seen more pelicans at Torrey Pines than we've ever seen before here in San Diego. At home, we're being visited by a family of kites....gorgeous white birds also sometimes called hovering or soaring kites.
Keller's chief transplant surgeon, Dr. Jonathan Fisher,
gave him thumbs up Thursday at clinic. Still no biking, though
he is once again behind the wheel of our Ford Explorer.
The finches are plentiful at the feeders, and sometimes the kites have come down from their pine-tree perches to visit us right on our patio. They are a regal bird, with gorgeous black shoulders and beaks that remind of Roman sculptures.
Tune in to transplant tale, part one
I consider all our feathered friends a good omen -- as we enter week five since Keller's liver transplant.
A fabulous production of "Damn Yankees" is running at the historic
Spreckles Theatre in downtown San Diego. As we knock it out of the
park in recovery from liver transplantation, the musical was apropos.
Today was a rough day for him -- two dental implants of over a year ago were compromised by his diminished immune system, complicated by anti-rejection drugs following transplantation. The infection had to be stopped so repairs were done today, along with extraction of a broken tooth and a new implant.
Transplant tale continues, part two
Bad timing, but he's handling it like the trooper he is -- still, a rocky day for our Titanium Man, aka "Patient Patient."  He hopes to take in a weekend paella party farewell for a friend who's returns to Ecuador. And his only daughter is coming for Father's Day.
A white-tailed kite -- once endangered -- is one of several regular visitors
above the canyon out our back patio here in San Diego. 
MEANWHILE, THE KITES have been close since we returned from the oral surgeon.  They seem to be communicating with us -- telling us to "hang in there," reminding that we, too, will soar again -- on the road back to our usual travels and his improved health. "You will return to Fiji," the kites seem to be saying.  Keller keeps his camera close and made one of his Fiji photos his screen saver.  He took it one sunset.
Nurse Kick-Ass is making plans for a return to our favorite corner of Fiji.  This will be an important
ticket in our drawer, my Father's Day gift to PP.
We've been to live performance three of the past seven nights -- enjoying fabulous productions of "Damn Yankees," a favorite family musical, and "The Spitfire Grill," with its haunting music and enthralling story.  Both musicals -- "Yankees" at Spreckles in downtown San Diego, and "Grill" at NorthCoast Repertory Theatre in Solana  Beach -- are directed
Cookie shed her nurses cap, left, for a few nights of culture
with Keller and her sister Misha this week in San Diego.
with imagination and heart. Top-drawer actors deliver in two delightful productions.
Transplant tale, part three
The Lipinsky Family San Diego Jewish Arts Festival is a thrilling addition to our cultural docket, a reward after a long day's doctoring. Brilliant fiddler Yale Strom and fabulous musicians of Hot Pstromi are just what the doctor ordered, along with Elizabeth Schwartz, Lisa Payton and Coral Thuet delivering a soulful and eclectic evening of global vocals. We'll hear Hershey Felder and Friends soon in "The Stories of Sholem Aleichem and More" and that will tide us through another week of doctoring. My sister Misha was here for five days from Atlanta -- plying her skills of reiki and acu-pressure on PP. She took in the culture with us and we made time for happy hour appetizers and N/A beer at our favorite La Jolla Shores. As the French say, "la vie continue" ....

SeaWorld's splendid new orca show features the magical
killer whales in a high-tech global environment.   
NEXT UP: Since we've stuck closer to home these past months, awaiting the transplant, we've rediscovered what we've known for years -- that California offers a world of engaging diversions. San Diego's world famous SeaWorld has revamped its orca shows and we were invited to the media opening.  We'll take you there, and then visit San Francisco's Exploratorium with our Bay Area niece and her family. Meanwhile, remember to explore, learn and live. Consider organ donation -- a gift which changed our life.


  1. Singapore sidekicksJune 17, 2017 at 11:21 AM

    What you do in a week is mind-boggling -- without the travails of transplant and unexpected oral two have drunk large sips from the cup of optimism and spirit. So admirable.

  2. There sure have been alot of pelicans out at the La Jolla Shores this year. Enjoying every minute.
    Shall we meet at 4:30 Friday 6/23 on the patio @ the Shores?

  3. We love following these two intrepid adventurers. Their explorations are so delightful-- mental, physical spiritual.