Friday, December 22, 2017

Magical Mission Inn in Riverside: Come catch the holiday spirit

Mission Inn is aglow and magical this time of year in Riverside, California

Cookie and Keller pause in front of the historic hotel.


FOR TWO DECADES, the historic Mission Inn in Riverside, Calif., has lit itself up for the holidays to the delight of thousands of appreciative onlookers.

People book rooms -- often a year or two in advance -- so they can live happily among the splendidly lit decorations for a day or two.
This year, the famous hotel has more than five million lights ablaze.
Carriages, beautifully decorated, and well tended
 horse's offer beauty and entertainment.

The lights accent  displays ranging from classic Biblical scenes to tableaux from the beloved "Nutcracker" ballet, to a fanciful Santa with reindeer and elves.
THE RICH history of the hotel dates back to 1874 when a when a Wisconsin civil engineer arrived in Riverside. C.C. Miller began work on an inspired water system, and with his family, started a small boarding house in the center of town.

A docent tour takes guests into lobbies, alcoves

Handsome, merry nutcrackers 
and friends provide color 
as they line the balconies and walkways.

The inn was popular with travelers and its reputation grew.  The Miller family accented it with their own art collection.
 In 1902, Miller's son Frank Augustus Miller changed the name to the "Glenwood Mission Inn" and started a much grander vision enlarging the grounds and adding buildings, in a variety of styles, He continued the expansion until he died in 1935. 
THE YOUNGER   Miller's architectural flair resulted in an eclectic structural blend  drawn from a variety of influences.  His study of historical design periods, revivals, influences, and styles created today's delightful property.
   The Spanish mission-style structure is the crowning jewel of a charming downtown which includes galleries, museums, bistros,  taverns and a performing arts center.
The inn is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, is a State of California Historic Landmark, and is a member of Historic Hotels of America. Tours of the property are available through the Mission Inn Foundation, which operates the enterprise.  
Along with architectural styles and furnishings from around the world, the inn contains dozens of entertaining stories, which docents colorfully share.. /
Bright pastels dot the rocky terrain which rises from the sea in  Monterosso.

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  1. Beverly Hills Art AficionadosDecember 24, 2017 at 8:04 AM

    What fun to discover this place. So glad the displays remain up another week or so. We will take our house guests from New York state! Thanks.