Friday, August 30, 2019

New York's Museum of the Dog is something to bark about

With her faithful service dog, a young visitor poses her animal next to a one of the AKC Dog Museum bronzes. 


A fine collection of vintage books is among the museum finds.

NEW YORK has gone to the dogs -- and happily so -- with the AKC Museum of the Dog.
The delightful museum recently returned to New York City, back to where it began over 35 years ago. We spent a fun afternoon there, strolling from our Times Square hotel a few pleasant blocks to 101 Park Avenue, to enjoy one of the world's finest collections of canine-related art.
Beautiful bronzes, whimsical watercolors, oils, ceramics, drawings, prints, carvings and inter-active exhibits celebrate man's best friend.
A lovingly curated two-story tribute unfolds as one walks from room to room, admiring portraits of royalty with their dogs, hunters with theirs, children and their favorite pets, society matrons dressed to the nines with their canine companions and more.
Beautiful bronzes of dogs are poised to watch over
visitors at various spots in the two-level museum.
THE SHINY new purpose-built galleries are across the street from Grand Central Station in the heart of Midtown Manhattan. Combining fine arts with cutting edge technology and interpretation, the Museum of the Dog provides unique and engaging experiences for visitors of all ages.  
A whimsical band features
these musical pugs.

As a life-long dog lover, with more than 15 doggies in my history, I was moved by the permanent collection and its variety. It is both touching and expansive, one of the finest and largest collections of canine-related fine art and artifacts in the world. Dog-related memorabilia and artifacts await the dog devotee:  trophies, collars and books about dogs.
Show trophies, collars and other dog-related works are also featured in the collection.

One of the most famous White House dogs, Millie,
belonged to George H.W. Bush and Barbara Bush.
IF YOU have dog related art in your home, and are thinking of passing it on, but not sure who in the family or friend circle might enjoy it, consider donating it to the museum. Many wealthy patrons have done this, contributing oils, bronzes, watercolors, terracotta and many other treasures.
An interactive exhibit allows visitors to pair
their "bark" with a dog. Ours: a Tibetan Mastiff.
The museum, sponsored by the American Kennel Club, relies primarily on donations and provides a forum for other AKC endeavors, including a highly ranked canine retreat and changing exhibits. On view now is a lively collection of Constance Bannister's world famous dog and baby photos. "Bannister Babies and Pet Pin-Ups" is on loan from Bannister's daughter, Lynda, who inherited her mother's 100,000 images.
Memberships range from basic $60 a year, with unlimited museum admission, to "Blue Ribbon," "Best of Breed," "Champion," "Grand Champion" and "Best in Show." Those higher-priced tax-deductions range from $500 to $10,000. Walk-in admissions are $15 or $5 for kids, $10 for seniors or military.  We give paws up and recommend an engaging afternoon or morning visit.

Welcoming touches with natural rock, wood and even lichen make
the Wayne and Pamela Gustafson home an inspiring retreat.
UP NEXT: A place to call home, and a beautiful place it is.  The elegant home Pamela and Wayne Gustafson is built with love and artistry.  The couple integrate their artful touches -- he an architect and she as a needle artist -- to create a restful, soothing and inspiring home.  A recent writers' workshop there was a wonderful experience for a dozen accomplished participants.  Remember to explore, learn and live and catch us each Friday for a fresh look at the arts, nature, travel, family, pets and more at


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