Thursday, February 18, 2021

New yacht in town -- book a dreamy boat trip to sail San Diego Bay






 Up, up, up goes the main sail, above, as  the Triton crew readies the yacht for a fun afternoon on San Diego Bay.  At right, on deck, the
impressive Coronado Bridge
attracts the attention of passengers as they sip reasonably priced beverages, move about the boat for ringside views of the bridge and the city 
skyline, and relax to the sound of the water and the ambiance of a beautiful vessel.


Comfy, moveable chairs and nicely arranged
benches and tables offer a range of seating.

A GREEK MYTH inspired the story of  Triton, god of the sea.
He possessed  magical powers and became a revered messenger, protecting sailors and promoting safety in ocean crossings.
SO SAN DIEGO'S newest catamaran, the beautiful Triton, is aptly named.
She's a messenger for good times.
We spent a glorious afternoon aboard Triton, which can be rented for private parties or booked by families, couples, singles, groups -- for a delightful sail around San Diego Bay.
 Our fellow sailors were a pleasant mix of business and professional people,  students, couples looking for a lively but relaxing outing and young at heart retirees and vacationers escaping colder climes. 
Happy, relaxed sailors enjoy views, chat, drinks.
THE YACHT is downtown San Diego's new kid on the pleasure cruising block. In the boat rental business, there are numerous competitors for the leisure time dollar.  Triton won't disappoint if you're looking for a pleasant, fairly priced diversion to surprise a date, or an enjoyable outing to treat out-of-town guests. Great family reunion or birthday option.
Once aboard the boat -- based on Shelter Island, near the mid-road sign -- you'll be pampered by an attentive crew, and can wander about or just plunk yourself down to enjoy the impressive sights that make San Diego "America's finest city," as she is often called.
We circled around Seaport Village, Shelter Island, under the beautiful Coronado Bridge and past the city's array of monuments, high rises, boutiques, galleries, parks, bike paths and sculpture.
San Diego born Bruce Keller
enjoys a bird's eye view of the Bay.

It's fun to be on the water and observe other sea life, from the Coronado Ferry to whale watching vessels and pleasure crafts of all manner, shape, size and origin. We saw yachts from as far away as Rhode Island and the Virgin Islands, Hawaii, Alaska and Seattle, as well as dozens who call San Diego home. We even spotted a couple playful dolphin.
OUR 2.5 HOUR cruise went by in a flash, as we made a leisurely loop under the bridge, catching a glimpse of the legendary Hotel Del Coronado across the isthmus.
 The sleek, comfortable Triton has an  impressive history.  She came thousands of miles from Texas, through the Gulf of Mexico, down the east coast to transit the Panama Canal, then up the west coast to San Diego.
The circuitous 38-day journey took place after she was rebuilt and remodeled to contemporary perfection, and she's been a focal point of southern California yachting life since she splashed into the Bay in August of 2020.
It's fun to watch the able and highly
trained crew work the sails.
 OUR PLEASANT companions mingled, made new friends, pointed out sights to newcomers and enjoyed beverages at an attractive and comfortably located bar.  The boat is thoughtfully arranged so people can be alone or join a casual chat with other small groups. Welcoming seating on the level deck includes bean bag chairs which can be easily moved or used anywhere on board. There's always an unobstructed bird's eye view.
One of the most welcome pleasures of a boat trip around the Bay with Triton is the ability to do whatever you like -- simply relax with a beverage, meditate to the sound of the sail and the swish of the water, chat with friends, be alone or enjoy a romantic time with a favorite person.
The views are gorgeous and the pace is leisurely and relaxed.
Cookie and Keller aboard Triton, a new, comfy
and contemporary catamaran offering fun outings
THERE ARE other charters in San Diego and we've sampled many.  Triton is roomy and new, so she is spit-and-polish clean and can carry up to 105 passengers. The Triton staff are honoring Covid precautions, though, so one-fourth and one-third capacity are standard. This enhances the comfortable, safe feeling.
She's 75-feet long and the helpful and polite crew treat passengers as if they're clients on a private yacht.  Masks are worn onto the boat, and can be shed to sip a beverage or if you're with your own small group.
Triton, true to the legacy of the god for which
she was named, offers safety and pleasant seas.
WE FELT quite pampered and relaxed after our afternoon, and made a couple new friends to boot.  The colors are soothing -- aquas, greys, light relaxing shades. Pillows and comfy touches encourage relaxation with a sophisticated touch.
The 13-seat bar was popular on our journey, and  parties can book the water slide option which looks like fun, as the weather warms.
A large dance floor and advanced sound system invite partying, celebrations and groups of friends.
Adults are $55 and children $15. Two sailings are offered each afternoon, at 1 p.m. and 4:30. It's easy to book on line. Or email; 844 587-4866.

Hotel Del Coronado in San Diego is our "Staycation" choice.

UP NEXT: Consider a "Staycation." This made-up word means you can drive within a day from home, and feel like you're far away. Different environment. New scenery. Change of pace. For nearly a year, we travel lovers have all been in a state of deprivation. So we are looking for change from our own winter home, San Diego, and have found splendid, relaxing, inviting, pleasurable digs nearby. Wherever you live, consider a B&B, cozy boutique, hot springs resort, spa, or nearby hotel where you might enjoy time away from the home routine, and the chance to feel you're doing something a bit different for yourself. Meanwhile, remember to explore, learn and live and catch us each week for a fresh look at travel, nature, the arts and more:


  1. We are so happy to hear about Triton because we're looking for a place to celebrate our son's master's degree later this spring. Providing we're all vaccinated, we'll book it for the family reunion. THANK YOU. Great idea.

  2. My girlfriend's birthday is in two weeks. You have just given me a super idea for her gift. Will see if I can surprise her.

  3. This is a fun story about a beautiful bay in our favorite city. We look forward to our time here each year. Glad we are here NOW! Will try Triton.

  4. San Clemente Leisure LoversFebruary 24, 2021 at 4:37 PM

    Fun piece, good times. Planning a Triton outing now.

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