Thursday, September 22, 2022

San Francisco sail: Adventure Cat is purr-fect way to see the bay

Adventure Cat is a beautifully designed, smooth sailing vessel available for a variety of sailings.

Enjoying the sea breeze, two of our "catamaran
companions" on a unique sailing trip in San Francisco.

A SAIL like you've never had before.
That's the promise that enticed us to book a relaxing afternoon with Adventure Cruises on a recent San Francisco visit.
What a way to see the bay!
As veteran Bay Area visitors and veteran sailors, we always look for something new -- on the water, if possible.
San Francisco from Adventure Cat at night, its lights aglow.

Christene "Cookie" Meyers
 and Bruce Keller aboard Venture
Cat on a brisk, sunny sail.
We found it in this adventure, which offers an exhilarating, fast, thrilling catamaran ride across the occasionally choppy waters of San Francisco Bay. In this sleek catamaran, we were seldom aware of the waves. Nice!   
ADVENTURE CAT offers a variety of sail adventures:  private charters for a special party or celebration, sunset sails, bay sails and city lights.
The spacious catamarans have a distinctive logo -- a sleek black cat.  And a fun blog follows the adventures of the crew and clients.  Naturally, a nautically inclined cat is featured.
We recommend Adventure Cat for many reasons, including the spacious nature of the catamaran. We joined only a handful of other guests, so we had our run of the boat for custom-made viewing and a stable, safe ride.
Nothing like fresh air and occasional waves on the deck -- all right up our alley. But the protection of covering in the cabin is also an option.
FOR FAMILIES looking for a sail that both educates and provides fun, or couples seeking a romantic evening out, Adventure Cat is a perfect choice. It was a highlight of this recent San Francisco visit. Our captain made sure we saw the most popular attractions, including the seal lions gathered by the wharf -- complete with sound effects and a distinctive aroma. We didn't see whales -- although friends did the week before -- but we spotted many pelicans, dolphins and the aromatic sea lions.
Our sail took us around the infamous prison on Alcatraz Island, before we zipped underneath the Golden Gate Bridge and headed back, all the time admiring the city’s famed skyline as the crew pointed out famous San Francisco landmarks

Seals and sea lions at Pier 39, part of the much photographed
pastiche of sights greeting sailors who board Adventure Cat.

SAFETY is always a concern on boats and the crew makes sure there's no jumping or climbing. Strong netting allows the more daring to experience the feeling of having the waves rushing right under the feet while relaxing in the sun.  We were comfortable just luxuriating on our private bench, using our rain coats when the wind whipped up.
We did come once inside the protected cabin, which is an option if it's windy.  Large viewing windows allow sights of land, sky and water to float by equally visible. Soda, beer and wine are available at the cabin bar. 
WHAT WE loved most about this sailing catamaran was the quiet ride.  No sound of engines once the sails are hoisted -- yet we were impressed with the speed. We didn't need the audio tour, but it is available in seven languages for international guests. 
  As we zipped away from one of the world's most dramatic skylines, we felt the thrill of viewing this exciting city from a unique vantage point. We felt pampered on our almost private sail.
A first-rate sail begins with an enthusiastic crew
and knowledgeable captain on Adventure Cat.
WE CHOSE the 90-minute "Bay Sail," one of several sails offered by this ambitious enterprise which shows off this iconic bay from a prime vantage point. We had our run of the boat for a generous 105 minutes.
We didn't dare to gild the lily, but the jovial crew urged adventuresome sailors to test the expansive deck netting as a trampoline. No takers.  But a couple who joined our small, pleasant group spent the entire sail relaxing there and cuddling.  
"Cookie and Keller" with 
Alcatraz behind them.
A couple times, it was fun to hear them squeal in delight when they got a spray from the bay's brisk waters.
BECAUSE WE tour often and have been on many a sail, we're very aware of service, value and knowledge. We like commentary, and the crew had answers to all our questions. They were both articulate and personable, and know and love their boat and the world of sailing.  A catamaran sail on the bay. Good for the spirit. 

For more info or to book: 
For getting around in San Francisco, free admission to many attractions:

This meal was an impromptu discovery in northern Spain --
 an appealing array of parador snacks -- pizza (born in Italy),
asparagus, sweet potato fries with aioli, N/A beer for Keller
and a Spanish white wine for Cookie, all served with flair.
UP NEXT:  Food, glorious food.... All travel, whether near or far, is enhanced by a good meal, tasty snack, hearty breakfast or appealing appetizer.  We take you around the world with us to bars and bistros, modest cafes and five-star restaurants.  We're not snobs by any means, and some of our most delightful taste treats have been in small, unexpected "finds." Meanwhile, remember to explore, learn and live and catch us weekly for a fresh spin on travel, dining, cruising, nature, family and the arts:
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  1. San Francisco sailorsSeptember 23, 2022 at 1:06 PM

    Beautiful place to sail. Lovely piece and photos.

  2. Beautiful photos and fun story. We will try Adventure Cat next Bay Area visit.

  3. We are waiting out the hurricane so smooth water sailing sounds enticing.