Thursday, October 19, 2023

Florida's Space Center showcases our labors in space

Kennedy Space Center's extraordinary exhibits symbolize American ingenuity while feeding the
curious soul. The Center's intriguing Visitor Complex offers close-up views of space projects
including an opportunity to come nose-to-nose with the giant space shuttle Atlantis.

Happily "blasting off" into Kennedy Space 
Center, are Christene "Cookie" Meyers and
Bruce Keller, enjoying this wonderful place.

All systems go: Launch yourself into a world of wonder, exploration, adventure in space


NASA's John F. Kennedy Space Center is a Disneyland for space nerds and anyone interested in the marvels of space exploration.
The Center has played a pivotal role in NASA's mission, as the departure site for the first human journey to the moon.
It's also the starting point for hundreds of scientific, commercial, and applications spacecraft; and as the base for Space Shuttle launch and landing operations.
For us, it was a wonderful launching pad deep into a world we've known only on the surface.
Actual modules and vehicles used in the space program are
grouped and displayed in attractive user-friendly exhibits.

From the Astronauts Hall of Fame to a convincing moonscape, and simulated launches to Mars and beyond, we were "hands on" at the control panels of our adventure.
The Center -- KSC -- boasts an enormous and welcoming Visitor Complex organized into Mission Zones where attractions and tours are grouped by chronological era. Massive rockets tell the daring story of space exploration, from the dawn of space adventure and discovery to current missions. We visitors got a fascinating, up-close feel for the story of humans in space.
WE STARTED our adventure mid-morning at Project Mercury and ended our day with the Space Shuttle Program, a moving testimony to the bravery, daring and sacrifice of American astronauts.
We visited
Launching themselves into a day of exploration at
 Kennedy Space Center, Bruce Keller and Christene
"Cookie" Meyers share tips on how to make the
most of a visit to this internationally known attraction.

the memorial honoring the astronauts who lost their lives during space shuttle missions STS-51L Challenger and STS-107 Columbia. Those heroes are lovingly remembered and honored in a beautifully curated display.
We saw the real Lunar Module 9 with a life-sized scene from the Apollo 11 Moon landing. User friendly, interactive exhibits helped us understand this remarkable vehicle and how astronauts landed it on foreign terrain.
Apollo's moon landings excited the world and people of all backgrounds and ages. We watched as a three-generation family viewed an actual lunar module. The five-year old was thrilled to touch a real moon rock.
WE COULDN'T resist going for a launch -- in fact, we signed up for two launches to experience the
sights, sounds and sensations of blasting off into space aboard the space shuttle. Lines for the various launches get long as the day winds down, so come early and plan to spend 6 to 8 hours.
It's possible to discover NASA’s plans to explore deep space, get close to life-sized Mars rover replicas and test your skills as a recruit in Journey To Mars: Launched by United Launch Alliance.
Daily schedules include astronaut encounters, 
a huge array of exhibits and many tours,
including a fascinating Atlantis Walking Tour.
Several space-themed films are shown at various times. We caught "Journey to Space" and a new 3D movie, "Asteroid Hunters," with stunning images of space, amazingly real.
IF YOU WANT to feel "official," you can take notes as you participate in a Mission Status Briefing to discover what’s happening with current NASA missions. You'll get a peek into the latest operations at Kennedy Space Center and launch activity at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station.
A young couple from Houston enrolled in the Center's "Astronaut Training Experience" (ATX). They said they'd be training to live and work on Mars through an immersive simulation program. We didn't have time to join these enthusiastic space explorers but it sounded like fun.
Many activities are included in admission, so check that out when you book and arrange your day. A colorful restaurant offers reasonably priced food and indoor and outdoor seating. We sat outside on comfy chairs and enjoyed the casual setting. Actual NASA astronauts were strolling to answer questions, both indoors and in the outside spaces.
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Bruce Keller, Christene "Cookie" Meyers and Halim Urban
enjoy alligator in a fun stop with Village Food Tours.

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