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Body Glove fits like a charm for Kona Coast sightseeing pleasures

Happy passengers on a sunset trip up the Kona coast on Body Glove's comfortable, sleek catamaran.
Below, on top deck, Body Glove's design is open, airy and offers excellent views. On the ground
floor, an historian delivers fascinating commentary and live Hawaiian music is played.




Both music and history 
are part of the package
on a fun dinner cruise.

IF YOU HAVE wanted to take a boat trip up the gorgeous Kona coast, now's the time.

Body Glove awaits in Kona's harbor, where
its eye-catching design attracts tourists.
A graceful and comfortable boat awaits you whether you're in the mood for snorkeling, whale and dolphin watching, or a luxury dinner cruise with cocktails and a tasty meal.

This young passenger
was moved to dance.

Body Glove's newly renovated vessel is tailor made for tourists and locals looking to connect with one of the most beautiful corners of Hawaii.

Body Glove's new catamaran is a perfect Hawaiian coastal pleasure boat, for entertainment, viewing of the scenery, relaxing with a beverage and the breeze, and communing with nature.  

Bruce Keller and Christene "Cookie" Meyers
have enjoyed Body Glove several times, here
on her exciting "super raft" trip.

Its varied itineraries and a pair of vessels offer adventurous snorkel and scenic tours, wildlife viewing and just plain relaxing while enjoying some of the Pacific's most attractive shoreline and wildlife activity.

FAMILIES and kids of all ages will enjoy flotation and water toys on day trips, snorkeling with all the gear, whale and dolphin spotting. Toward evening, adults love the sunset and dinner cruises, relaxing evening options with cocktails and a meal served by a smiling, attentive staff.

Delicious tender beef, veggies and mashed
 potatoes are offered on a dinner cruise.
Body Glove's two-story, 65-foot motor yacht is a sparkling, handsome addition to Kona's Honokoahu Harbor. You'll see it awaiting as you approach.  Next to it is Body Glove's "super raft," which we've enjoyed, too.  It's a pleasant experience, attracting couples and adventure seekers, a small group who enjoy being close to the water.  We recommend both -- they're so different.

 WE ACTUALLY expected we'd be jostled a bit on the "super raft" but we were perfectly comfortable -- albeit yes, we did have a few bumps on the ride back to Kona from the Captain Cook's monument.

After the sun sets and evening comes, relaxed
 passengers enjoy as the boat returns to Kona Harbo

AS WITH most boat tours, the crew, captain and entertainment make or break it. Body Glove hires top people who understand the importance of Hawaii's famous "aloha" or welcoming spirit. The service and specialists are tops. Wildlife guides, musicians and trained historians are lively and well informed.

The crew goes beyond the call to be helpful and courteous, pointing out places to watch or helping spot manta rays, whales and dolphins.

We've had great times on every Body Glove experience -- from a rewarding whale watch to lovely dinner cruise and super raft adventure.

If you look closely, you'll see the face of Pele
 in the beautiful coastal rock formations.
ON THIS  recent trip, we had tasty veggie appetizers, drinks and dinner  on our journey up the coast.  We heard tales of early explorers and the native peoples' struggle to sustain its culture through the missionary years. A highlight: seeing Pele herself in an unusual rock formation.  According to Hawaiian mythology, the revered goddess of fire lives in the volcano on the Big Island. Along the coast, the guide points to her face, visible in the sea cliff. We could picture a woman lying on her side with long, wild red hair and fierce, piercing eyes. It's Pele, Hawaiians believe, keeping us in line. More information:

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  1. Great outfit. Enjoy their snorkel trips.

  2. Old fashioned evening reminds of earlier days. Great entertainment.

  3. Pasadena Party GirlsFebruary 13, 2024 at 3:44 PM

    This sounds right up our alley. Booking now.

  4. We love Kona and know this outfit to be one of the best! Old fashioned fun!