Thursday, July 19, 2012

Gathering of Cosgriffe clan will celebrate life of beloved fallen son

Cousins gathered at High Chap memorial for mum's memorial 

THE COSGRIFFES are gathering again and the time is fast approaching.  The clan will convene in August to celebrate the brief but influential life of Eric Kenzo Otokawa.  We miss him terribly and send love to his mother, Misha, and to his siblings, Kenji Christopher and Kelly Midori, who will draw on their strength and our support as we pay homage to a young man beloved by us all.  The latest reports indicate that Amarylla and family are coming from the Bay Area, and Orion and boys and Kira from Portland.  Misha, Dave and Kenji are flying from Atlanta; Midori and her fiance Nick are flying out as well.  This is wonderful news.  We only wish that James and Kellie and Jim could make it from Northern
Eric and his mother Misha: happy last August in California
California.  The Montana contingent will be
there --  Rick and Jane, Olivia and David, Patrick and Christena, Aurora and Rich and Connor and Elliana.  Several of our favorite cousins are coming too, including Nancy Ellen! This thrills us. Eric's memorial will be Aug. 11, Saturday, at High Chaparral, in the afternoon, probably around 4 p.m. Stay tuned. It will be followed by a family-friends dinner to which everyone is bringing favorite foods and specialties Eric liked.  (Uncle Corby's famous ribs and cousin Nancy's famous beans, for instance.)  While the clan is gathered, on Sunday, Aug. 12, we will convene in Columbus
at the cemetery to briefly consecrate a new granite memorial on the four-generations plot.
GRANDPA Gus bought the eight plots soon after he and Gran moved to Stillwater County in 1916.  It is now complete, with the remains of Arthur Blount Pittendrigh and Christena Campbell Pittendrigh, gran's mother and father and our great-grandparents (and the great-great grandparents of the next generation, and great-great-great grandparents of their progeny! Wow.)
We've lost two irreplaceable members, Robbie, front left, and
 Eric, in aqua shirt top row. We will continue to live loving
 and generous  lives and in so doing to honor them.  
Also interred are Gustav Johan and Olive Blount Nystul; A. Robert and Donna Nystul, and, soon ashes of Richard E. and Ellen B. Cosgriffe, Peny and Robbie. (All seven Cosgriffe progeny's names are engraved on the African granite.) Keller and Cookie will fly to Montana July 27 to pick up Eric's bronze at the monument company, and Keller is installing it on the granite memorial at the family plot at High Chaparral.  Most people are arriving in Billings during the mid-week and there will be an informal gathering at High Chap Friday, Aug. 10 for those who can make it (all welcome -- check with Cookie e-mail about lodging and accommodation possibilities.)
Several guests will be at High Chap and others at Grady's.  Some will be staying at the Big Yellow House in Absarokee with Misha's group.  We will endeavor to make everyone comfortable.
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