Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Nick and Nora are soon to be back in Montana, with Keller and me.
Lovely day in LaJolla, 70 degrees and everything abloom. The foliage reminds me of Madeira and Funchal, lush and gorgeous. Gave Nick and Nora a bath and took them for a leisurely walk in the neighborhood..... I am beginning to think about the format for my nephew Eric's memorial in Montana on my birthday, Aug. 11, a day chosen by his mother, my sister Misha. She wants music and celebration, and I will do my utmost to make that happen. Hoping my brother's partner, Jane, will sing a song, and perhaps cousin Diane. I will try to write a poem for Eric, maybe in the style of rap, which Eric loved. I have his beautiful and spirited ode to sister Robbie.  I have not made any attempt to make this blog public in any way....... in fact, I don't think more than a handful know about it. Which is okay. Why don't I just use e-mail in that case?  I must ask Keller when he gets home from work:  remind me, why do I have a blog.  His, by the way, is about to go public: Kellerandkeller.com    ....... reminds me of writing in my diary when I was in grade-school.    Fun musical evening last night for the neighbors -- lovely people on both sides of the town home, and a very enjoyable couple down the street, the first folks to befriend us when we started looking here in January. We head back Friday to Montana.

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