Sunday, December 14, 2014

Sydney's beautiful peace and calm is shattered by today's terrorism

We took this recent photo of Sydney Opera House on a calm but festive day during holiday time in Sydney. 


The Lindt cafe and chocolate shop near our hotel in Melbourne is closed. 


WE ARE SITTING safely and thankfully in our hotel room above the Yarra River of Melbourne, Australia, watching CNN and hoping for the release of the hostages in Sydney, a city we left just hours ago.
We climbed Sydney's iconic bridge a few days ago.  Today's climbers found their adventure cancelled.
In lovely Sydney, which we've both visited several times before, we strolled Martin Place, a holiday bedecked pedestrian square, listened to musicians and a boys' choir, then stopped by the Lindt Cafe and Chocolate Shop for espresso and sweets.
We're feeling a little dizzy that this is the very place where the terrorist took hostages earlier today.

Sydney a few days ago was bustling.  Today, it is eerily quiet.
 TWO DAYS ago, we walked the very square, on our way to the famous Sydney Opera House, where we had a tasty lunch, made new friends from Japan, India, Denmark and New York, and toured the hallowed concert halls.
The Opera House is now in lock down, and Darling Harbour, where we strolled and enjoyed wine with a view, with thousands of other worldwide tourists, is deserted.
The American Embassy which we visited two days ago is evacuated. Americans are urged to be cautious and alert. We were. We are.
Having just photographed this beautiful world known site,
we are following today's hostage situation carefully.
Just now on CNN, a second speech to the nation by Australian Prime Minister, Tony Abbott, expressed his country's hope that today's frightening occurrence is the work of a single crazed gunman. "Profoundly shocking that innocent people should be held hostage by an armed person...." he said. We just watched as five of the hostages ran into the policemen's arms -- can only imagine their terror.

THIS SPECIAL blog is unusual, but happens from time to time, especially during our frequent international forays.  We normally post Wednesdays and weekends, but when news is breaking and we're right in the middle of it, we go for it! Stay tuned. With thoughts of strength for the remaining  
people in the cafe, we remind ourselves "carpe diem." Join us as we continue to explore, learn, live and trust that most people -- our fellow travelers and hosts -- condemn today's actions and are good people. Coming up next: Glacier Park's wonders and wildlife on a glorious road trip with my brother and his partner......wildlife, family ties, picnics, memories, snow and fun food, plus Yorkies and laughter.
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