Friday, December 26, 2014

Versatile musician jazzes up the San Diego music scene


Greatly gifted Josiah Diallo plays and teaches in the San Diego area.


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HE PLAYS BACH one minute, Bob Dylan the next.
Calypso, country western, jazz, show tunes, light opera.
He does it all, dressed in colorful Caribbean garb and using his foot to play a tambourine, accompanying his precise guitar and stellar voice.

Diallo's natural charm works its magic on San Diego students.
THAT'S THE charm of talented Josiah Diallo, a teacher and minstrel who works the area with his guitar and a prodigious repertoire.
We happened upon New Orleans born Diallo at an outdoor eatery. We had a fantastic experience during the business lunch, which stretched into two hours of pleasure thanks to Diallo's music.
He traces his ancestry back to generations of music loving and musical folk. He even claims Cherokee blood.
DIALLO PLAYS in Encinitas some weekends at the Monte Carlo Bistro.

ALTHOUGH the gifted guitarist and singer plays several other instruments, he usually appears with his guitar, presenting a lively and varied repertoire ranging from Bach to  Spanish and Brazilian composers, to Bob Dylan and other folk icons, to rock and roll, including The Rolling Stones, Beatles and Gilbert and Sullivan light opera. ("I'm Called Little Buttercup" from "HMS Pinafore" was a big hit, along with "Blowing in the Wind.") His versatility draws crowds at any venue. His charisma extends to the indoor classroom.  Students and teachers in the San Diego area learn from his gifts, in workshops. He is comfortable in any venue.
Diallo is an old-fashioned minstrel, spreading the musical word.
DIALLO ALSO PLAYS for private parties and would be a wonderful addition to weddings, celebrations and other special receptions and events.  He has performed for public and private schools across the U.S. for 15 years, from pre-school to college level, at civic organizations and as the star of library story-telling hours. He wins praise for his ability to relate to children, weaving story, songs and personal commentary. His "music maker" program and restaurant gigs keep him busy, but he's open to new bookings.
CALL THE BISTRO to see when he'll be there next, and plan to enjoy a bakery item or goat cheese quiche, tasty and satisfying, just as are Diallo's brilliant offerings.  His delightful music is a boon to any occasion. You'll tour the world in song with his myriad styles and cultural influences.
A STROLLING minstrel should be part magician, part balladeer, poet, even rhapsodist.
Josiah Diallo fits all these bills.

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