Friday, January 23, 2015

Sample Sydney's glories from a ringside 'Magistic' cruise seat

Magistic Cruises' sleek catamaran
glides past iconic sights of Sydney. 



Artfully prepared salads and side dishes await diners, with beautiful
appetizers, main course entrees and decadent desserts as well.


GLORIOUS FOOD, fine champagne, terrific entertainment, and, of yes, the views.
You're gliding through the water in a quiet boat. You're in luxury's lap, enjoying views from the glorious waters of the famous harbor of Sydney, Australia.
To match your stunning views, you're sampling fine fare in a city known for quality dining.  We tried shrimp and crab by day, chops and filet by evening.
The sights, sounds and other boats typical of a busy harbor
make the Magistic cruises a delightful way to view Sydney. 
The champagne flowed and for a
break, we strolled on deck, glasses in hand.
YOU FEEL you're in heaven -- in a luxurious catamaran, dining elegantly, sipping not quite judiciously, reveling in first-class style.
Stroll back inside the plush dining area, as elegant as any of the popular seaside restaurants for which Sydney is renowned.
Sydney natives love the Magistic ships for celebrations.
The performance begins, with delightful dancers, show tunes, comedy sketches and a bang-up variety act.
WE JOINED 60 pampered lunch-goers, and 75 contented dinner guests, to see why this is Sydney's most popular cruise operation.
Magistic Cruises, the top-ranked Sydney Harbour operation, does everything expertly. It offers gourmet food, top staff, great views.
Since its $5 million luxury catamaran was introduced to Sydney Harbour, Magistic has enjoyed rousing success as the most impressive charter vessel on the harbor, hosting locals, dignitaries, movie stars and tourists.
The vessel was designed by leading marine Australian architects and built by Austal Ships in Fremantle, Western Australia. Its sleek nautical design features a contemporary decor.
The Magistic Cruise experience was majestic.
We've enjoyed more than 100 dinner, show and sightseeing cruises -- on oceans and rivers. In the U.S., we love our Hornblower vessels, and we always book a harbor or river cruise in Hong Kong, Oslo,
An artfully presented show with top
talent follows a leisurely dinner.
Amsterdam or Paris. "Sydneysiders" we met on our two Magistic outings said that the venue has become the preferred outing for locals. Our groups were about half-local, half-tourist -- both delighted, satisfied.
Customer service is expert, the meals are exceptional, the atmosphere welcoming. Everything inside the boat -- and outside -- is beautiful and dream-like.
The food is exceptional aboard the sleek Magistic vessels.

If you're headed "Down Under" and enjoy fine food and drink in a unique setting, live it up, mates! You won't be sorry.
We loved the fact that the chef came out personally to chat up diners and inspect the tables.  Everything is prepared onboard!

Hobbit fans will enjoy a trip to the magical setting for
the series of films about Bilbo, Frodo, Gandalf and friends.

COMING UP: If you're a fan of J.R.R. Tolkien and "Lord of the Rings," come visit Middle Earth with us. We're off next to the beautiful south coast of New Zealand where "The Hobbit" films were made. It's a magical place, as you'll see. Remember to explore, learn and live and visit us Wednesdays and weekends at:
And don't miss "Steal Heaven," at San Diego Repertory Theatre, downtown in the Lyceum Theater, Horton Plaza. Gifted actor and writer Herbert Siguenza stars as activist Abbie Hoffman (in heaven) in a tour de force about politics, social change, responsibility, life, death -- and more. Two fabulous actors join him. Terrific theatrical treat. Last few days.

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