Friday, January 2, 2015

Toasting a New Year of happiness, health, revels, music and kindness

Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga took the stage in Las Vegas to usher in 2015 with their unique vocal blend.

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Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett complement one another
in a delightful show and world tour.
JAZZ SINGER Tony Bennett is a legend.  At 88 years old, he crooned in the new year with Lady Gaga at the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas.  It was a packed house, a generous nearly two-hour performance without intermission. A standing ovation.
The sold-out concert was beyond my wildest expectations.  Off the charts.  I'm still floating.
Tony still has the pipes, folks.  And his blend with Lady Gaga -- who is nearly 60 years his junior -- just knocks this reporter out.  Each is a star, of course, but together, they are a musical meteor.  Gaga's showy gowns, perfect pitch, crazy wigs and delightfully coy way with the audience amuse Bennett, the old pro, a man of subtle style.
Thinking about this unique pairing, I'm convinced that Anthony Dominick "Tony" Benedetto has found the fountain of youth and is taking giant gulps of its elixir.
The famous Las Vegas Strip became a pedestrian mall for New Year's Eve!

WHAT KEEPS the guy going strong, approaching his tenth decade on the planet?
It can't hurt that he's a fellow Leo -- born August 3, 1926 -- but more than that must be the fact that he continues to love what he does best -- singing.
No American singer has changed with the times the way Bennett has.  He's a master of pop standards, show tunes, and jazz.
Gaga is, too.  Their chemistry is electric.  She brings him youthful energy.  He brings her mature elegance.
Nick and Nora: tired out after a week of shows in Vegas.

IT WAS A spectacular show and glorious walk with other revelers! We dressed to the nines (or tens!) and loved every note of the concert -- Cole Porter, Gershwin, Berlin, all the oldies.......jazz vocalizing supreme--- Lady G introduced her parents, Tony was dapper as always (living proof of aging well by keeping young, engaged and active -- the guy is 88 for lord's sake!!!)
Their blend is inspired. Gorgeous, precise phrasing......Gaga made six costume changes, Tony changed his tux accouterments from blue to red, the 18-piece orchestra (including two brilliant pianists) was superb!
Happy, healthy, fun filled new year's wishes to our friends and followers.
Wouldn't have traded a moment of it for a pot of gold, even though the tkx cost more than my first car! When they counted down the last seconds of 2014, I was verklempt!
But we dried our happy tears to head back to Bally's and walk Nick and Nora! We'll see six shows by week's end, each wonderful. Frank Marino's long-running Joan Rivers impression and his "Divas"show terrific. "Jubilee" the only old-fashioned girlie revue, still has the magic.
Our wish for all of us is for continued health, happiness, adventure, kindness, abundance, walks with nature, ocean breezes, Yorkie kisses, dancing, romancing, and a few glasses of a favorite beverage!

Cookie and Keller on the Vegas Strip at Caesar's.
Tonight's show is "Jubilee," the only remaining old-fashioned Vegas revue, with full orchestra (all the other shows are taped now, putting many musicians out of work I'm sure)..... feathers, boas, glitter, topless girlies, pretty perky titties..... in the beloved Busby Berkeley style. Have watched it change through the years since I first saw it in the long gone Sands Hotel. Which reminds me of the night we were

Frank Marino brings Joan Rivers to life in an affectionate parody.
watching Don Rickles when Frank Sinatra and entourage came in a side door. Everyone gasped and the spotlight moved from Rickles to Frankie. Without missing a beat, Don said, "Ladies and Gentlemen, Frank Sinatra. Frankie, make yourself at home. Punch somebody."
Brilliant. He reclaimed the audience in that moment. Sinatra bowed, blew Don a kiss and the spotlight returned to Rickles! Delightful memory.
If you're enjoying this, thanks. Someday I may consider pursuing a writing career.
"Heaven, we're in heaven......and our hearts beat so that we can hardly speak"...
New Year's resolution:  a new tattoo for Cookie? 

COMING NEXT: www.whereiscookie takes to Australia, New Zealand and Fiji with Maori rituals, and a tattoo for Cookie. Check us out Wednesdays and weekends, tell your friends.  And remember, carpe diem, so explore, learn and live.  And, okay, the tattoo was only temporary!  But I'm thinking.....

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