Friday, May 1, 2015

Brilliant acting, fine writing pair for intriguing play at San Diego Rep

One of San Diego's most versatile actors, Rosina Reynolds, plays a neuroscientist who has created a non-biological being.
Talented actor Nick Cagle plays the creation "born" over the course of the play. The production is excellent in all aspects.


The Lyceum is the attractive down town home of San Diego Repertory Theatre.
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PUSHING THE ENVELOPE yet again -- as we've come to expect -- San Diego Repertory Theatre has mounted a provocative, "must see," thinking person's gem.
"Uncanny Valley" offers riches on many levels -- in language, ideas, acting, staging and theatricality.
Actor Nick Cagle plays the role of Julian, transformed in the course
of "Uncanny Valley," San Diego Repertory Theatre's world premiere.
It's a clever, even profound, play about possibilities and the "what ifs" of technology -- as in, "What if in a few short decades, it could be possible to manufacture a human looking robot who actually seemed to have feelings -- regret, anger, compassion and much of the baggage that goes with the human condition. A creation who stares back at its creator.

THE BRILLIANT two-person play is directed by Jessica Bird and written by Thomas Gibbons.
It's in one long 92-minute act with no intermission, which adds to the intensity as the plot builds and the two characters come to their final meeting, conflict and resolution.
San Diego Repertory Theatre presents "Uncanny Valley" through May 10.
It's a thinking man's drama, rich in language and the possibilities of technology. 
THE EVENING we saw the production -- on a Wednesday -- the audience was quietly fascinated as the neuroscientist named Claire begins the process of studying and developing her latest "invention."  In a sense,

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he is her child -- and in a smart side-plot, we learn that her actual biological offspring has not spoken to her or her husband for many years.
(Physician, heal thyself.)
CLAIRE'S FAMILY'S dysfunction is paralleled with the evolution of Julian, the non-biological being who, it evolves, is the product of a billionaire's vanity and desire to live forever.
Many questions are posed by the playwright, and in a nuanced performance, the always shining
A toast to another brilliant Rep show.
Reynolds delivers a complex character, shaped by her professional drive and her personal anguish.
Cagle brings a subtle finesse to his character, and the two work together like perfectly matched bookends on an artful set.
Don't miss this wonderful production -- and prepare yourself for another ambitious, thought provoking season as the Rep moves into its 40th season under the expert guidance of founder Sam Woodhouse. Go to -- and prepare to be fascinated.
Then lift a glass to San Diego Rep.
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  1. I booked same day tickets for "Uncanny Valley" after reading this intriguing piece. Wonderful show. I had not been to the Lyceum for a couple years and I am now signed up for the new season now. Thanks for steering me back to the Lyceum and a thought provoking play.