Friday, May 15, 2015

Florist creates gorgeous displays, lives on the bay in San Diego

Albert Sweet's eye for color and design make his flower shop an appealing stop at 11696 Sorrento Valley Road, San Diego. 


Pick up a bouquet on your way home -- each arrangement is custom designed.

IT'S A SWEET scent and a pretty sight to be driving down Sorrento Valley Road in north San Diego and come upon Sweet Floral.
Albert Sweet is a familiar face in his flower shop, "Sweet Floral."
It's a taste of Europe -- reminiscent of a neighborhood flower stall in Paris or Rome -- with buckets of roses, sunflowers, phlox, lilies, carnations and daisies awaiting arrangement, and dozens of artfully made bouquets ready to brighten someone's day.
Proprietor Albert Sweet has been the heart and soul of the lovely flower shop for nearly 28 years.
HE LIVES on a yacht in Mission Bay, driving 30 miles to the shop. First he stops in Carlsbad to pick his fragrant stock from wholesale growers he's used for years.
Have you danced with "Lilian..."?
"I am a one-man show," he says with his characteristic warm smile. "I pick every posy myself, do all the arranging and the delivery."
The stargazer lilies Sweet arranges are
grown in Carlsbad and fresh daily.
OHIO BORN, Sweet earned his associate's and bachelor's degrees before pursuing a career as a planning analyst for a micro-electronics firm.  "I got fed up with the whole corporate world scene," he says, "It just wasn't for me."  Sweet notes that for years he wore suit and tie and now relishes wearing a neat but open-collar sport shirt as he works. Jazz from the radio keeps him company. His office holds a pleasant array of flowers, ribbons, cards, notes to himself, orders, and of course, buckets of his beloved flowers.
A SINGLE DAD, Sweet is proud of his accomplished grown daughter, Melissa.  He lived on a houseboat in Amsterdam for a time, walking the city's famous flower-bedecked canals. His first wife was Greek, born of another culture that loves flowers.  Sweet  thinks getting into the flower business was a natural for him.  "I know my travels to Europe played into what I love to do now," he says, reminiscing about the Rome flower stands that caught his eye and captivated him years ago. "It's that "old world" beauty I suppose," he says. "Flowers bring it home."
Drop in for a "Sweet" visit and a bouquet next
time you're in the neighborhood .
SWEET FEELS good and looks fit -- attributing that to the ocean air that surrounds him on his floating home, and peaceful beauty flowers offer at work in Sorrento Valley. "Besides," he says, "I'm a 'Sweet' guy, haven't you noticed?"
Sweet Floral: 858 792-1880, 11696 Sorrento Valley Road, San Diego, Cal. 92121

Keller captured this pair of bald eagles -- a mature one, at right, with the
white head, and a juvenile, at left, perhaps an offspring. More bird photos coming.
COMING UP: Montana in spring, with birds at the feeder and bald eagles in the trees out our window. Ah, Big Sky Country.  Where the deer and the antelope play. Remember to explore, learn and live and check out our other blog, for our novel, "Lilian's Last Dance." We'll bring you up to date on our latest readings and signings.

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  1. Salt Lake SailorsMay 20, 2015 at 6:23 AM

    What an upbeat story about a guy who followed his heart, shed his corporate monkey suit and is playing with posies.....gorgeous photos, nice copy, interesting man. We'll make a point to find him next visit to our San Diego boat.