Friday, July 7, 2017

Hit 'Buddy Holly' story sells out in San Diego, moves up the coast

Rousing performance: Zachary Scot Wolfe,  Benjamin Roy, Eddie Yaroch, Manny Fernandes, Paul Swensen Eddy, Shaun Tuazon, Nadia Guevara, Gerilyn Brault, Catie Marron in an energetic "Buddy Holly Story" now at New Village Arts in Carlsbad, California. The production gets top ratings in a decade of hundreds of SoCal performances we've seen. 

 Paul Swensen Eddy is an inspired, spot-on re-incarnation of
the iconic Buddy Holly, whose "Crickets" inspired the Beatles.



with ensemble press photos by Daren Scott and vintage art
Vintage art from a sold-out UK
production during a British tour.

SOMETIMES A SHOW stays with you. The songs are on your mind, the acting in a special corner of your heart. The energy remains, producing an instant smile and a desire for an encore.
Such a production is "Buddy -- The Buddy Holly Story," which is a rock-and-rollin' wonder, a magnificent effort to lift the spirit, a tribute to a gifted man who inspired an entire genre.
It represents a historic "first" for the fertile San Diego theater community: a collaboration between Intrepid Theatre Company and New Village Arts Theatre, both up-and-coming, adventuresome ensembles with creative production values and talented, devoted staff, volunteers and performers.
Christy Yael-Cox directs the high-energy production, which opened to rave reviews in late May and ended its Intrepid run July 2.  We were at that finale in the first venue, Horton Grand Theatre, and the audience was on its feet before the curtain call.
The inspiration for the musical:
Buddy Holly, second from right,
and the Crickets. Their name
inspired the Beatles' moniker.
Tony Houck's superb
music direction
shows off fine acting--
here Fernandes, Eddy
 and Tuazon.
 We'd seen the Alan Janes slick, raucous and touching musical a few times through the years -- in New York, Las Vegas and in the United Kingdom, where it has been a consistent hit and where the short-lived rock 'n' roller is still beloved. Paul McCartney was deeply influenced by Holly and has helped keep his memory and genius alive in the United Kingdom.
The real Buddy Holly was known
his daring, his impeccable musician-
ship and inventive style. In the
So-California production, Paul
Swenson Eddy captures his spirit.
 FROM 'THAT'LL BE The Day," we were tapping our toes at the Horton Grand Finale. No weak links in this cool summer treat. Hot band, fabulous singing, perfectly timed physical clowning.
 The casting is superb.  The choreography is splendid.  There's a sense of fun through the entire two-and-one-half hour production, and the genuine feeling that the ensemble likes one another -- critical to a good show, and difficult to fake.
NEW VILLAGE picks up the show July 13 for a run through Aug. 27. That means the set was struck the evening of that Horton Grand finale Sunday, July 2, giving the gifted crew a mere 10 days to recreate the scene at New Village.
If you're anywhere in the neighborhood of San Diego -- come on over for this spectacular show.  Zonies, now's the time to get the heck out of Arizona and cool off with some hot rock 'n' roll.
Buddy Holly was only 22 when he died in that fabled plane crash in 1959. We've just experienced a Buddy Holly sighting!;

A fun band, Upshots, entertained couples, families and
a fun-loving group of "Barefoot" cruisers.  A good crowd
helped kick off the fairly new concept in San Diego,
which received a standing ovation from the crowd.  
NEXT UP:  Hornblower Cruises has come up with a surefire way to beat the heat, cool both mind and body and feed the artistic soul. The Sunday Barefoot Music Cruise combines San Diego's gorgeous harbor and fabulous arsenal of musicians in a win-win for music and cruise lovers.  Check it out -- Sundays through August 27 -- and join us next Friday for a jazzy, rock 'n' rollin' report from the bridge! Jazzy music and beautiful scenery -- with cocktails and snacks available, too.  Plus the blue whales are migrating. Remember to explore, learn and live and catch us each Friday when we post a unique take on the arts, travel and nature driven outings.


  1. So great to see Buddy getting credit for starting it all.....Beatles we're inspired by his particular melodic approach to rock and roll...and the sweet love story. Enjoy the Barefoot cruise music...what a good idea.

  2. French ConnectionsJuly 12, 2017 at 3:21 PM

    We are flying into your beautiful city soon and will definitely put both "Buddy Holly" and the Hornblower on our docket. Thank you for these tips -- and we will see San Diego soon. Always a favorite city.

  3. Your collaborations exhibit joie de vivre extraordinary!

  4. Brilliant production at both venues....thanks for sharing and spreading the word.