Friday, July 14, 2017

Hornblower rocks and rolls, jazzes it up on Sunday 'Barefoot cruises''

Hornblower's Barefoot Music Cruises are on tap every Sunday through Aug. 27. The new concept combines San Diego's
attractive skyline, scenery and historic landmarks, with top rated bands, plus beverages and snacks available.
Here, the Upshots entertain with rock 'n' roll favorites from vintage to current popular tunes.  


LIFE IS SHIP SHAPE aboard Hornblower vessels, which have played an entertaining, relaxing and appealing role in San Diego history and tourism for decades.
Visitors love the Hornblower outings -- harbor and cocktail cruises, dinner cruises, whale watching adventures and now -- drum roll -- Barefoot Music Cruises. 
We boarded last Sunday's delightful "Barefoot Music Cruise" for two-plus hours of  rock 'n' roll fine music.  
The crowd was a mixed bag of couples celebrating anniversaries, a few families on outing, military folks and just people enjoying the gorgeous Sunday weather and a trip around the bay in one of the country's prettiest harbors.
HORNBLOWER has always taken pride in its large, stable boats and well trained staff and crew.  Our captain met us as we boarded, and wished us a pleasant afternoon.  
Bruce Keller, left, and Cookie (Christene Meyers) on the
Barefoot Music Cruise, a happy Hornblower Sunday outing. 
On board, we queued up in two fast-moving lines for beverages -- a nice mix of beers, house wines  and cocktails,  served by a pair of pleasant bartenders, John and Rico. 
Down below another cheerful Hornblower staffer served up tasty hummus and a variety of snacks.

The beautiful sight of Coronado Bridge awaits from Hornblower. 
WE LOVE THAT Hornblower 
staff are always
 courteous and happy.  Good management starts at the top, and Hornblower cultivates loyalty and nurtures it with its regulars.
Word of mouth is the litmus test for any operation and Hornblower has earned respect of repeat clientele in all its venues -- literally from coast to coast -- San Francisco to New York. 

Hornblower's vessels are comfortable, 
well staffed and a colorful part of
San Diego's history. Above left, the
 city skyline from a Hornblower boat.

San Diego's spectacular skyline and the beautiful Berkeley Ferry Boat
part of the San Diego Maritime Museum, one of the sights from Hornblower.

HORNBLOWER offers a pleasant and new outing with the welcome novelty of its Barefoot Music Cruises.  For my native son partner, it was a chance to see the schooner California close up, and to hear its cannon. We also enjoyed a close-up view of a mega-yacht probably worth a quarter-billion dollars.
Meantime, while drinking in the spectacular sights, including a few playful seals -- and enjoying a couple beverages -- we drank in the delightful music.
 The polished trio, the Upshots, served up requests from the early days of rock 'n' roll with ease and enthusiasm.
Their Elvis Presley medley was top notch.  The double bass player, drummer and guitarist all sang, and they hammed it up with athletic little twists and turns, including standing on the side of the bass and twirling their instruments as they graced the stage -- and the house.
Guitarist Aaron and Vic on bass entertained,
while Brian kept fine rhythm on percussion.
Cookie leaves Hornblower -- happy,
toes tapping, albeit windblown.

THE TRIO was accommodating to the crowd, taking requests, including the wishes of a birthday girl, and a couple from Florida who had heard the band in concert and raved about their music.

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  1. Fun. We booked it for next Sunday. Hornblower always delivers.

  2. Santa Monica SailorsJuly 16, 2017 at 10:08 AM

    We are joining the fun, too. Driving down from LaLaLand!

  3. Bay Area BicyclistsJuly 20, 2017 at 9:19 PM

    Well done, leading us to a fun Sunday outing.