Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Artist finds her outlet in photography of Stillwater Valley and beyond

Barbara Adams photographs reflect her love of landscape, changing by the moment, with all its clouds and colors. 


Artist Barbara Adams, right, introduces Christene Meyers at
 a reading for  Meyers' novel, "Lilian's Last Dance."
The same back yard hosts Saturday's second annual Art in the Yard.

WHEN BARBARA Adams lost her husband Ed, she lost her equilibrium. She'd get it back.
It's not uncommon to lose one's sense of balance and meaning in a devastating loss.  Adams decided to "get back on the horse."
She picked up her camera -- an important element in her life with Ed.  She got her mojo back through art.
The energetic photographer may be closing in on 70, but she has the drive of an artist half her age. The photos are one way of "keeping in the groove, and honoring Ed."
Adams says that losing Ed was a horrible blow, but the medium of photography continues to help her through her loss.
WITNESS "ART IN THE YARD," which Adams hosts in her back yard in Columbus, Montana, this Saturday, Aug. 8.
The day-long gathering will feature artists and their creations from throughout Stillwater County.
A little magic, and a photographic kaleidoscope emerges in Adams' studio.
"It's a smaller, grassroots offshoot of the Absaroka Fine Arts Wine and Art Festival," says Adams. She refers to the popular festival which attracted hundreds to sip wine and browse art under a tent for nearly 15 years. It raised monies to support scholarships and the annual Shakespeare in the Parks visit by Montana Rep.
Adams and artistic friends invite the public to her home studio, Montana Meadowlark Photography, to wander her pretty back yard and patio Saturday. The fun is in Columbus at 48 E. 1st Avenue North, 10 a.m. to 3 p.m..
A colt and its mother enjoy the grass and a cool breeze in this Adams shot.
The much photographed Montana meadowlark inspired
the name Adams chose for her photo gallery in Columbus.

HER PHOTOS evoke happy memories of driving the countryside with Ed, often listening to the meadowlark's cheerful serenade. So the decision to name the gallery "Meadowlark" was a natural.
 The couple’s 17-state trip to Kansas – "B.C." (before camera) – propelled Adams’career.
“After we returned from the Midwest, I remarked that we should have had a camera,” recalls Adams. “For the birds, the sights, the changing landscape. We went to Billings, bought one and that was the beginning.”
Frequent drives around Stillwater County resulted in a growing repertoire of nature portraits and scenics, admired by the public in galleries and in her Columbus studio.
''ED DROVE and I held the camera. I had him trained to stop on a dime, or retrace a piece of  road so I could get the shot I missed.”
Her artistic credo is “take pride and have fun.”
Since Ed’s passing, nearly four years ago, Adams immersed herself in her hobby, making prints and note cards. “I find peace, but I’m no Ansel Adams,” she jokes. “When my family tell me I have a good eye, I ask, ‘which one?’”
For more information on her work or the Saturday art sale, call Adams at 406 322-4450.

Nick and Nora at Mount Shasta with Keller and Cookie.

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