Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Paradise Point pleasures await on San Diego's gorgeous Mission Bay

Paradise Point Resort is less than seven miles from downtown San Diego, and offers a tropical world of pleasure.
Cookie emerges from the galley, having prepared a snack.


AT PARADISE Point Resort, time truly stops.
The beauty of the sea, the peacefulness of the waves, the suspension of time, all create a beautiful, insulating serenity that calls one back again and again.
So it was with a summer sailing from the Point with our friends, Dawn and Phyllis.
Mission Bay Yacht Club race with spinnakers flying,
as seen from our boat rented at Paradise Point Resort.
We four began a calming day on Mission Bay, strolling the gangway to the boat rentals, past vacationers and diners and lovers of beauty.  The resort is always humming with activity -- jet skiing, boating and kayaking.  We enjoy the restaurant and myriad activities the tropical atmosphere suggests -- even fish-watching from the bridge.
"Cap'n Keller" in center, enjoys a relaxing sail with Dawn, left, and Phyllis.
OUR FAVORITE way to enjoy the Bay is from Paradise Point, where we charter a boat, throw in a picnic and leave our worries behind. We sail as often as time and money allow. Sometimes it's just the two of us; other times, we treat friends and family. No one is satisfied with one outing on the water!
Sailing is a time-honored cure for the blues, an antidote for almost anything that ails you!
IT IS GLORIOUS.  On this peaceful saltwater lagoon, I've been introduced to Keller's past.  He lived in several places on Mission Bay as a college kid and employee of the beloved Aquatic Center where he was involved in a cause to preserve Interlude, a boat with a place in the hearts of several generations. (The beloved boat is in dry dock now.)
Mission Bay is unusual, as one of the largest waterparks of its kind in the world. It is 4,200 acres of land and water, surrounded by 27 miles of shoreline of sandy beaches, attractive people and abundant bird life.
Our favorite Paradise Point Resort is an important part of that. On its own 44-acre private island with a mile of sandy beach, this picturesque resort is just seven miles from downtown San Diego
Paradise Point Resort offers a choice of rental boats
and  various other equipment for reasonable prices.
Interconnected by a network of waterways, inlets and islets, Keller's favorite bay is best explored by boat... (with Keller at the helm.) Our second choice is by the region's progressive bike paths.
FROM MISSION Bay and Paradise Point, we've watched families barbecuing on the water, couples doing yoga or sharing a picnic, strolling, kayaking, jogging and taking in the internationally known spectacle of SeaWorld.

To book a room at Paradise Point Resort, go to www.paradisepoint.com
 Lessons and skippers are available if you don't do your own sailing, along with motorboats, jetskiis, paddleboats and kayaks. To check rentals and other Paradise Point options out,  go to www.actionsportrentals.com

Check out Mystic View Cabins if you want a quiet, romantic weekend
or have an overflow of guests as we recently did at a family reunion. Up next.
 NEXT UP: Mystic View Cabins not far from High Chaparral provided a beautiful setting for the overflow during a recent family reunion of nearly 30 people. The lovely, rustic cabins near Mystic Lake, on Fiddler Creek and West Rosebud Road have much to offer for serenity, beauty and all the comforts of home. Remember to explore, love and learn and catch us weekends and Wednesdays at: www.whereiscookie.com

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