Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Shaggy dogs get a "do" -- complete canine make-over at one-stop salon


AFTER: Nick and Nora emerge freshly groomed and ready to rock 'n' roll, with Abbey Wacker doing the honors.
Paws and Reflect has a cute, convenient studio for grooming, but
will also come to your house or office to groom your pet. 

SUMMERTIME and the living is easy. Right about August, people are getting summer hair cuts. But if you're not the only shaggy critter in the household, how about shaping up your shaggy pooch?
IT'S ALWAYS  a good idea to kick things up a notch when you're in the summer doldrums.
Hair looks blah. Company coming.
Time for a change!
So we took Nick and Nora to Paws and Reflect Pet Salon, 2906 Grand Avenue, in preparation for a road trip. Boy, they are two spiffy dogs.

Paws and Reflect on 2906 Grand Ave. gets paws up.
 We've spent thousands of dollars through the years on dog grooming. Most of our money goes to San Diego groomers, who charge as much as $130 for the two -- that's if you go for the Rolls Royce of La Jolla groomers and have them bring their mobile grooming unit to your home.  But we try to keep the pair under $80 or $90, which you can do at Paws and Reflect for two doggies.
WE FOUND the  Paws and Reflect team cordial, efficient and, most important, devoted to their work.  They immediately made Nick and Nora comfortable, offering treats, pets and kind words to ease them into the back room (Nick declined his treat, Nora took the bite.)
BEFORE: Fairell Newell, left, and Jeannie Schroeder, take 
Nick and Nora in their arms and calm them down 
 and assure them before they are groomed. 
The groomers efficiently took all our phone numbers, then checked with our Absarokee, Montana, vet, Dr. Rex Anderson, to make sure their shots were up to date. (They just had their rattlesnake vaccine, parvo/et al re-ups and a look over.  If we'd thought to bring in the paperwork, that would have simplified things.)
We did a few hours' errands and had a phone message that the pups were ready, 10 minutes before they had estimated.
PAWS AND REFLECT also offers dog obedience training, doggie day care and kenneling.  All the prices are reasonable -- expect to pay $36 to $45 for a complete grooming, depending on your dog's size.  That includes the wash and clip, ear and teeth cleaning, nail cutting and that least pleasant of "musts," the anal glands.
Paws and Reflect has a way with dogs, and a cute anteroom.
As owner Brooke Odei says, "Our staff is hand chosen. We look for people who truly love animals."
She insists that her colleagues exhibit a true and genuine affection for doggies -- all four of the people with whom we came in contact did so, going above and beyond with kindness.
If you have to wait, the staff will make you comfortable in a pretty little sitting area with doggie toys, clothes and decorations.
We've recommended Paws and Reflect to our pet loving pals.
For more information, go to www.pawsandreflectpetsalon.com, or call 406 839-9116.

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